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11 Movies Based On Real Life With Some Alteration Of Facts

All movies do this.

Movies are a great source of enjoyment for anyone who wants to delve into the medium. There are countless movies to watch that are based on real-life but sometimes a plot based on realistic standards can get a bit boring or not so interesting for the movie’s runtime which is why so many directors decide to alter the story a little bit so the movie retains its interest and that it’s a little more fun for the audience. There’s nothing wrong with this. Cinematic history is full of the claim ”Movie based on real-life” but no movie ever does a strict real-life counter because that wouldn’t really sit with the audience well or it’ll take too much runtime just complicating things even furthermore. So today we bring you 11 movies which had true story-based movies that cut important details out of them.
Here’s the list:


1. Moneyball


© Dan Kosmayer /© Moneyball / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

Billy Beane is remarried in real life versus in the movie he’s shown to be a lonely divorced man.


2. Braveheart

© Jean Froissart / Wikimedia Commons© Creative Commons / Public Domain© Braveheart / Icon Productions and co-producers

William Wallace was never told about the battle of Falkirk by Princess Isabelle because the timeline doesn’t add up in real life.


3. The Social Network


© zuck / Instagram© The Social Network / Columbia pictures and co-producers

In the Movie, Mark Zukerberg is shown to be an awkward guy when it females but not so much in real life as he was dating his Haward batchmate during the time of this movie.


4. The Big Sick


© emilyvgordon / Instagram© The Big Sick / Apatow Productions and co-producers

Emily V. Gordon’s name was changed to Emily Gardner.


5. Braveheart


© iweta0077 /© Braveheart / Icon Productions and co-producers

Mel Gibson who was 40-year-old during the filming of Braveheart was playing a role 20 years younger than him.


6. Titanic


© Wikimedia Commons© Creative Commons / Public Domain© Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

Rosalie Ida Straus and Isidor Straus were seen on the deck holding hands and not cuddling and waiting for their demise in a room.


7. Titanic


© Wikimedia Commons© Creative Commons / Public domain© Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

The real J. Dawson looked after the coal pit on the ship and checked whether the energy was being transferred equally.


8. 300


© Helena P. Schrader / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY-SA 4.0© 300 / Warner Bros. and co-producers

“Why can Spartan women speak amongst men?” was said to an Athenian woman rather than  “Only Spartan women give birth to real men.” to the Persian messenger in real Spartan history.


9. Captain Phillies


© AFP/EAST NEWS© Captain Phillips / Scott Rudin Productions and co-producers

The rescue scene, the pen and paper and the protagonist getting the pirates captured instead of his crew, all didn’t happen.


10. The Blind Side


© michaeloher / Instagram© The Blind Side / Alcon Entertainment and co-producers

Michael Oher was skilled enough to be a seasoned football player and he was enrolled at Briarcrest, unlike in the movie.


11. A Beautiful Mind

© Peter Badge/ Wikimedia Commons© CC BY-SA 3.0© A Beautiful Mind / Universal Pictures and co-producers

The hallucinations were auditory unlike them being visually there too in the movie.


And with that, we conclude this list, mention your favourite picks in the comment section below.


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