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50 Pets Who Terribly Failed At Hiding

What happens when you think you’re doing something right but aren’t? Hilarity.

I have been very vocal about how pets have a very significant impact on our lives. Directly or indirectly, they do have the capacity to mold our lives for the better. The direct impact is on those who have pet animals in their homes. The bliss and the treats are received firsthand by the lucky owners. By indirect, I mean people who do not have a pet animal at their house but have internet and can view animal content online. So animals have affected the whole world, one way or the other. The reason why I or many people in this world love animals so much is that they are very innocent. They do so much for us without even knowing. The fact that all stress levels drop to zero whenever I view something about animals or see one on the streets just shows how wonderful and awesome they are. And don’t even get me started on the mischief. They will have 1000 things to do in a day but none of them would be planned pre-hand, so they would just wing it every time and at times succeed and at times fail terribly resulting in some very hilarious moments for everyone. So I think it is very safe to say that animals are perfect. But no, there is one thing that they are miserable at. And that is hiding. 


They would often start a hide-and-seek game all by themselves and hide in random places hoping that no one would find them. Not knowing that your pet is playing hide-and-seek, you as an owner could get worried about where your pet has gone. But that is not the case because these pet animals have no idea how to hide. They think they are hidden, and that is enough to make them feel they have succeeded at the mission, but the reality is very different and very hilarious.

Today we are going to look at some pet animals who were confident they were hiding but unfortunately, they were not.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Every time they are about to leave the park, this one tries to hide away and this is how he does it.


Via sharkee1

2. Tank had been hiding behind the TV for a very long time and was only found when he heard sounds of some birds chirping and tried to take a peep.


Via Ellekm730

3. I mean yeah, the cat is hidden…but only partially.



4. I don’t think there exists a chance they will be ever able to find their dog.


Via Otomasoteraph

5. Can you make a figure that maybe looks like a cat that is trying to hide under a blanket? Me neither.


Via gavinsblog

6. Hmm, I match that woman’s hair color let me hide in there and camouflage.


Via butitsa10-33

7. These two cats had their vet visit today and they found the same hiding spot, terrified and hopeful that no one will find them.

Via _flower_

8. This one did take me a minute. He was only trying to smell if his owner is nearby and got caught in the process.


He is definitely a contender for the award for “Animals who can actually hide”.

Via FifthEyeBlinded

9. I don’t even care if this cat has no clue how to do it, it is a genius for doing this.

Via issius

10. It looks like he had been hiding on the couch for quite some time and tried to take a peep because no one was coming and got caught.


Via Entershikar

11. Hashbrown forgot step 1 of hiding, you have to hide your whole body and not just part of it.

Via auspatri,auspatri

12. The cat saw the doggo’s fur is big enough to hide in but kept checking out for its owners to find it. So cute.


Via DelayedACK

13. That, my friend, was a good try.

Via tuayfoo_the_samoyed

14. Didn’t know looking away was also a way to hide from everyone. Will try that next time.


Via SeveralBookkeeper

15. The dog wanted to hide so it turned into a seal and increased the difficulty level of the game to Unbeatable. 

Via ihopethiscomesoffwitty

16. This family lives in an apartment. Their dog barked very loud one night and got in trouble for that. So as a protest, this is how he hid under the fridge.


Via shamls

17. Why do they all hide in the sink whenever they are at the veterinary clinic.

Via tiffanywebb87

18. It feels like the family finally gave up and this is how he came out of the couch, as a winner.


Via DontFearZombies

19. If only shadows didn’t exist and the dog had agreed to get a trim 2 days back.


20. One is hiding and the other one is properly amazed to find this new activity.


Via MyLittleGirl

21. Hey buddy, you forgot your legs and tail there.

Via pennythecoonhound

22. This newly adopted cat was very shy to meddle with the new family so it hid in the basket.


Via NeverstillcreationsReport

23. Another cat went to the vet and took shelter in the sink. I hope they realize no magical lid appears on the top to hide them from plain sight.

Via NeverstillcreationsReport

24. It’s that peak you take that gets you caught. Try again, doggo. You are good.


Via luna_belle0825

25. I am sorry, honey. No one can build up the motivation to be that slim and hide behind that tiny pillar.

Via camperjohn64

These animals need to be sent a zoom link and actively taught how to hide because they are all very terrible at it. But did you guys notice something common in all the pictures we have seen so far? The element of innocence. Animals are very simple and are far from any complexities of life that humans often get jumbled up in. They keep things straight, do what they like, and don’t do what they don’t like.

I hope you guys are enjoying this one. Scroll down to continue enjoying some more hiding failures.

26. Is the cat meditating and hiding at the same time?


Via JuanaLesbaPorelano

27. Cats that move together, hide together.

Via espan1

28. Snacks’ hiding spot her owners are mad at her. Not sure how this hides her, the doggo might know better.


Via ashleyandracchio

29. He is very afraid of fireworks and always hides in the shower whenever he hears them.

Awe, poor doggy. It’ll be okay.

Via So_queer

30. Does hiding your face count as you hiding? Maybe for cats, it does.


Via Cheeznchips

31. By looking at the fear in those, anyone could tell this cat is hiding at a vet’s clinic, from the doctor.

Via itskaymay

32. The cat wanted to present itself as a Christmas gift to its owner, unfortunately, it forgot to pack its entire self into it.


Via BottomShelfWhiskey

33. The dog is like, “Mate, I can see your entire self”.

Via Jax7284

34. He is protesting by hiding behind those curtains because he had a fight with his owner.


Via wattzilla

35. The kitten didn’t like the camera of a shelter photographer who was trying to take her picture, this is how she tried to hide from that scary piece of equipment.

Via finstantnoodles

36. As long as the animal thinks it is hiding, it is hiding.


Via Phil_MCrackin

37. Velma got busted.

Via the8itch

38. I need to take lessons on hiding from this cat.


Via Cotran61

39. A for effort, F for not knowing what hiding is.

Via Hexyyyy

40. He is so cute, I don’t want to laugh at him but seriously, rabbit?



41. Even the parents don’t know how to do it.

Via CyberBuda

42. She thought she would camouflage into those flowers.

Via yunoookumura

43. This cutie is hiding from the birds in the house.

So adorable.

Via tafunast

44. In Another case animals look away and consider it hiding. Looks like Simba needs to watch some online lessons on hiding.

Via ishkish69

45. Meet Lolo. She hides here from other dogs in the house when she is tired of playing. They will never be able to find her here.

Via nickgonzalez771

46. Even if I found this cat, I would not dare to go near it and tell that I have caught it.

Via Cheosta

47. The dog is only focusing on the seeking part and totally ignored the hiding part.

Via cameltoe681

48. I need to research on this new hiding strategy, it is a thing between the animals.

Via sgthompson640

49. The guests were over and the family was having delicious food and this is how their cat was observing them from its hiding spot.

Via HalalMead

50. Can you see me? Peek-a-Boo.

Via Did-ko

I am sure they will work on improving their hiding game altogether. Either way, we don’t mind even if you don’t because we love cats the way they are.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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