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23 Parents Shared The Most Illogical Reasons Their Kids Had A Meltdown

Parenting is a test of your patience.

Having kids is no doubt a blessing but it takes a lot of effort and patience to deal with kids. Kids have their own logic and you can’t argue with them. Kids can throw tantrums for literally anything. From wanting a bowl of Cheerios to not wanting a bowl of Cheerios, why their leg is attached to their body to why their pajamas are so loose. You will cut their sandwich and they will start crying because they did not want it to be cut. You would have to lie a lot if you are a parent, it might work. Today, we have 23 parents who shared the most illogical reasons their kids had a breakdown. So, scroll down and enjoy!


1. Why can’t I open the banana?

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2. Mommy, I want to eat shoes:

“First: his dad left for work. Second: he dumped out the box of goldfish crackers. Third: I picked up the goldfish crackers. Fourth: it wasn’t the proper episode of Paw Patrol. Fifth: I won’t let him eat shoes.”

© Autumn_Tea95 / Reddit

3. Brother didn’t make the right noises of the truck:

“He didn’t get to push the button on the microwave. The second meltdown was when we were playing with his trucks, and his older brother grabbed the excavator and didn’t make the right noises that apparently only “daddy” knows how to make.”

© Stayathomedadof6 / Reddit

4. Why is my leg attached to me?

“The cat was touching his toy. The toy HE threw onto the cat… He also had a meltdown because his leg was attached to him.”

© Boogzcorp / Reddit

5. When things are not right:

“She wasn’t on the couch with her bottle and teddy bear. But actually, she was, but things weren’t right.”

© BronzeAgeTea / Reddit

6. The box is broken and keeps falling off:


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7. When she wants to take a bite of the soap bar and you take it away from her:

“I don’t have a toddler, but my aunt has 2, and one of them had a breakdown today because I took a bar of soap from her as she was about to take a bite of it.”

© Imveryunoriginal17 / Reddit

8.  Daughter wants more milk and melatonin gummies:

“My daughter really wanted more milk in her already half-full cup. So I pretended to pour more in there, and all was well again. Oh, and she always wants one of her brother’s melatonin gummies, but she doesn’t need them, so I had to get a Flintstone multivit gummy and pretend to take it out of the melatonin jar.”

© sSommy / Reddit

9. When your lies work on your kids:

“I cut her peanut butter toast. She did not want it cut. I had to uncut it by making the move in reverse and spreading peanut butter over the cut line. It worked. I lie to my kids every day.”

© papparmane / Reddit

10. When you want a bowl of Cheerios and then you don’t want it:

“She had a meltdown because she wanted a bowl of Cheerios. She had a second meltdown because I brought her a bowl of Cheerios.”

© CJBG9491 / Reddit

11. 3-year old niece wants to eat cat treats:


© LanguageResident / Reddit

12. “I asked her if she would like to try the mashed potatoes that I made. There was no proper answer, but based on the hysterical crying and running outside the house, I guess she was not hungry.”

© Away-Suspect-173 / Reddit

13. When you need time to get load to work properly:

“He woke up from nap time, and his sister spoke to him too soon. He gets that from my side of the family. We need to ’load’ properly when we wake up or get very cranky.”

© Arugula-Current / Reddit

14. When her pajamas are too soft:

“I was brushing my teeth last night, and when the electric buzzing cut off, I could hear the tears from across the house. I slowly walk over to my daughter’s room, and she’s standing in the middle of her room with her nightshirt on, sobbing uncontrollably with her pajama pants around her ankles. My wife is visibly frustrated and has her face in her hands.
Later I would learn she was trying not to die laughing. Concerned for my wife’s sanity and what was happening with my daughter, I tried to calm her down to find out what was happening. After 5 minutes of directed breathing and calming, she finally let me know what the matter was: her pajamas were too soft.”

© TwoTonRhino / Reddit

15. The stuffy cried all night because he wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy:

“One of her stuffies “wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy last night,” even though she purposely removed the toy from our room the day before. The stuffy “cried all night,” which in turn meant an hour’s worth of her tears.”

© FesteringMalignant / Reddit

16. Ice cream coming straight from the freezer was hot because it had smoke:

“She threw a big tantrum because her ice cream directly picked up from the freezer was hot. Hot because it had “smoke” coming out of it. I tried to make her touch it with her hand. It didn’t work—lots of crying. Apparently, the ice cream burnt her hand.”

© Narayan-n91 / Reddit

17.  Why was the water too wet?


© hockeymom1674 / Reddit

18. Take away the fork from your kid and watch the drama start:

“She wasn’t allowed to run around the house with a fork in her hands. Apparently, me taking away the fork was the end of the world. It was a Greek tragedy level drama.”

© Muisvleer / Reddit

19. When your kid is having a full meltdown and then you start feeling sleepy:

“The hot wheels track broke. He pulled it apart because he was upset. Then the melt down. I put it back together and said “fixed”. He stared at it for a moment with the teary hesitation and then went full meltdown again. And then it was nap time.”

© Gurgoth / Reddit

20.  “Aunt of a 3-y/o. He was mad at ME because I was not able to roll a ball in a straight line to where he was. Then he got mad at the ball because HE wasn’t able to do it either. He was being very specific, think “the ball needs to be in this specific cm2.””

© blockedontinder / Reddit

21. Mommy, throw me in the trash:


© jamesjoycethecat / Reddit

22. “At the end of the swimming session, the fish water was turned off.”

© technicalevolution / Reddit

23. “Not a parent, but when watching my 2-year-old brother the other day, I burped when he was apparently trying to sleep, and he cried for about 2.5 hours.”

© Substantial-Award-20 / Reddit

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