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Tumblr Hilariously Documents Ugly Babies In Renaissance Paintings Is The Funniest Thing Ever

I need to cleanse my eyes with Holy water.

The Renaissance era means various things to different people. To some, it is a source of rich traditional memories, and to some, it is a form of memes. Most of these renaissance paintings depict the birth of baby Jesus, which is a very important event in religious history. However, painters and artists really didn’t do justice to him. Not to mean any disrespect, but some of these paintings are hilarious. Did the artists even know what a baby looks like? Had they ever even seen one?

The Internet is a glorious place. With some browsing, we found out that there is a whole Tumble account named “Ugly Renaissance Babies” and you can probably tell what it’s about, judging by the name. This content is just what we needed. If you need a laugh or two, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Scroll  down below and enjoy these ugly, unrealistic babies:

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1. I’m scarred for life.

Is it a baby? Is it a sausage roll? Who knows. Either way, it’s far too scary to risk giving it your tit! -Mark Fuller

2. Why does the baby have needles coming out of his head?


Her face be like well that’s a fail

3. What is that neck?


and the duck face was born 🙂 -Jeremie Guerra

4. This is exactly what childbirth is like.


5. Trippin’ baby.


“another painting? please mom, i’m booooored!! ” -Jeremie Guerra

6. That baby is built!


Wait… Is that a magnifying glass she’s holding to his baby junk? I am deeply confused. -Cyndi H

7. Throw it away, please.


Oh my… The woman’s face isn’t half bad, but what the hell happened with that thing on her shoulder? -Nadine Ducca

8. Creepy.


How can a child’s face be that perverse?? -Jeremie Guerra

9. I feel you, mama.


10. Arrest this kid.


Hey, any parent of a little boy will tell you – it happens. Sometimes there just isn’t any other option! 😉 -Kate Yeti

This is some Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons level shit right here! I hope you’ve seen that movie. It stars Brad Pitt and the plot is basically a baby ageing backwards. He is born as a wrinkly, old man and dies as a baby. These babies look somewhat like that. This is going to give me nightmares.

11. Okay, gremlin.

Chucky!!!! -Cyndi H

12. He’s pissing with fear.


*record scratch, freeze frame* yup that’s me. you’re probably wondering how I got in this situation. -Panic!AtTheYeemo

13. This is surely what a human baby looks like.

The cow is rolling its eyes like WTF is that

14. Jesus supports weed.


*derp intensifies* no choild. stahp. yuo doing meh a concern. no heckin bamboozle. -d r e a m w o r l d

15. Hippo baby.

16. I’ll take it out for you.


17. He’s HUGE.

They do work like that, if you twist hard enough. -Shinomi Chan

18. All about the bit*hes.


“My lord, it’s just an eye. The gods saw fit to grace me with a spare. And may I say King Leonidas, you legs are so smooth.” -Keith Garland

19. Shoulder titty.

I guess her boob job went wrong -Kerry Pye

20. That baby is suffocating.


Looks like a little merman… or those paper thingies people put on turkey legs. Just looked it up: turkey booties or turkey frills. Okay. -Nadine Ducca

21. How do I unsee this?

Well, dont laugh so hard. people posting on social media look the same or worse than these demonic babies if not for the Photoshop . Yes, you too -Juan Castellucci

22. Look at the hand.


Man, the artists had good drugs back then. -Karen Frazier

23. This is how you tell the artist is a virgin.

24. Jersey Shore Jesus.


At medicine faculty, our professor told us about unintended depicting of different diseases on rennaisance and baroq paintworks. This is Klippel-Feil syndrome. -Karolína T.

25. Help!

Cupid is stupid. -Neeraj Jha

Dude, why do these babies look like they are middle-aged? And why do they have abs?! Honestly, I just need some answers. These paintings can’t be serious, are they? If they are, WHY? These are just so unsettling.

26. The baby is embarrassed.


Back off! This thing fires 150 rounds a minute!! -Roslyn Altaira

27. He has no belly button.


28. That owl though.

29. “You farted, didn’t you?”


30. “How do you know I do drugs?”

31. That smile is so unsettling.

Ah! This is scary! It’s Cartman going to the Special Olympics -Cody Eriksen

32. Look mum, I can spin my entire neck around!


33. How to hold a baby.

34. So disturbing.

35. Mad musician skills.


Ug yes. People thought dolphins looked like that… -Nadine Ducca

36. Squatting baby.

37. This baby is on steroids.

I dunno who or what is holding the baby Jesus. But it’s got too many fingers! -Amanda Poirier

38. Do humans with faces like that actually exist?


They all look frog-faced and beak-nosed. -Pi

39. This can’t be a serious painting, right?

Did they ever actually met a baby? This is not a baby, this is a very small adult -Zenozenobee

40. Annoying Orange Edition.

41. Give me that, woman!


42. These faces are unsettling.

Worst gangsta portrait ever. -Nadine Ducca

43. What is this painting? WHY is this painting?

44. What is that behind her?!


45. Prepare for your doom.

WTF IS GOING ON HERE -Lillian Chesak

46. Feeding time.

47. Nicholas Cage.


48. That baby works out.

did children ever wear clothes? -Kerry Pye

49. I’ll slap you to another dimension.

That’s a nasty case of pink eye right there. -Wanda Queen

50. That’s pinhead’s wife and child.

What did you think of these unsettling ugly renaissance babies? Share them with your friends and laugh at them together! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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