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20 Of The Wittiest And Funniest Tweets Shared By Parents

Parent Tweets

Parenting is a very challenging process, there are so many ups and downs, screams, poop-cleaning, furniture shattering, and more that you have to go through. It requires a lot of patience and above all, a high confidence level to get through this process and become a good parent who upbrings a good child.


While the challenges do exist and family planning should only be done after thorough planning, there are also unlimited joys that come with it. After all, every toughness has to be balanced with some sweetness. Those adorable and cherishable moments are the once that counterbalance all the challenges that parenting brings with it.

Kids will do the most unexpected things or make the funniest conversation with their parents that would make them laugh for a long time and remember those moments forever. Today, we are going to enjoy these moments thanks to the parents who shared experiences the wittiest and funniest experiences of their lives while parenting.

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1. You are lucky to be the mother of your son.

Via AnaGasteyer

2. Better luck next time, 5-year-old.



Via MommyCocktail

3. Oh my god no one is ever b*llying her in school again.



Via Dad_At_Law

4. My food only goes in my mouth.


Via HenpeckedHal

5. This 5-year-old absolutely roasted their parent.


Via MumInBits

6. Explained very well.


Via SatiricalMommy

7. I would actually run to another country.


Via cinnamontoastk

8. Her son is her IT guy.


Via mommajessiec

9. This content was out of the syllabus.


Via dadmann_walking

10. Kids of that age are supposed to have such thoughts at 3 a.m.


Via HenpeckedHal

These are the kind of moments that make you want to become a parent. It is lowkey joyous to have such hilarious moments with your children which are to be cherished forever. But then, no one should ever ignore the challenges that come with parenting. It is a huge responsibility that must only be taken upon when you know you are ready. Or else you will ruin your life and the child’s as well.

Come on parents, you are now making me want to have a lot of babies but that would lowkey be a mistake in this era because of the tough economic conditions. Who would feed them? We will have to wait a little for our leaders to fix our world so we can enjoy these moments.

Let’s read through some more tweets posted by parents sharing their hilarious parenting experiences. Scroll down below to continue!

11. You would still be greeted with a “good morning”, honey.

Via oneawkwardmom

12. “Another mom” gets to sleep?!


Via kidversations_

13. You still will not be allowed to sleep thanks to your little ones.

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Via simoncholland

14. It is only your fault, Dad. Genetics can’t be helped.



Via HomeWithPeanut

15. They have their specific requirements that must be honored at all times.

Via bessbell

16. Oh my god, this is a life hack for all parents.


Via fullofmonsense

17. We all are.

Via mommajessiec

18. That one required a deeper insight.


Via daddygofish

19. Not maybe, one of them did get into your Spotify account.

Via dadmann_walking

20. He matured too early.


Via StruggleDisplay

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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