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14 Bosses Prove By Their Terrible Behavior That They Shouldn’t Be Sitting On That Chair

One question that has always bothered me is how all these bad bosses manage to get promoted to the top positions they hold. In no way do they qualify to be a boss as they possess zero traits of a good leader. All they care about is themselves and immediate gain and would not care one bit about their employees. That is the main issue. When they don’t care about their employees, how do they expect them to stay motivated to work at their full potential? Never have I ever seen an organization sustain its success in the long run that is led by a terrible boss.


In today’s story, we are going to explore the bad traits of bad bosses in a bit more detail. We are going to be reading through stories coming straight from employees working under bad bosses and sharing their terrible experiences with them. It has got it all, from receiving Christmas gifts bought from their own paycheck to being called to work during COVID lockdown to fix the boss’ car. You are bound to read some very interesting stories.

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1. Their boss poured unroasted coffee beans into roasted ones by mistake. Now the workers have been tasked to separate the 10,000 coffee beans by hand.

Via u/CensoryDeprivation

2. This boss deducted electricity charges from employees’ pay for charging their phones in the office.


Via u/Rich-P

3. This employee was happy to receive a $50 gift card from his boss as a Christmas gift only to realize it was paid for from his own salary.


Via u/JDMRexTI

4. This worker’s boss told him to move the bird’s nest that was in a house under construction. I don’t think he realizes three d*aths will be on his hand.


Via u/bjllyfucktard33

5. These are the Christmas gifts employees of a Fortune 500 company get.


Via u/apocalypse31

6. After gifting him a custom bottle, the employee was specific to tell his boss to only wash it by hand…he ended up putting it in the dishwasher.


Via u/Waterproof_soap

7. This employee’s pecan pie that got lost was found hours later in the boss’ office…with all of it in his tummy.


Via u/Timizorzom

I actually cannot believe what I am reading. Although they have posted picture proof of their bosses’ idiocracy and entitlement it really makes you think twice before believing such people really do exist on this planet.

Especially the story we just went through about the boss stealing his employee’s food. They really have no emotions or leadership skills whatsoever. The retention rate for all these organizations would be super low.

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8. I don’t know what bit this boss in the bum before he organized his employees’ color chips this way.


Via u/bnuuug

9. One morning workers of this business were welcomed by their setups thrown away and replaced by dressers a sheet of glass, and saddle chairs. So not required.


Via u/col3s1aw

10. On the very first day of the COVID lockdown in the UK, the workers were called in by their boss to fix his car.


Via u/kingParson

11. This boss distributed the lowest quality PPE to his employees for COVID.

Via u/tarroyo1031

12. Even though everyone in the office knows this employee is allergic to peanuts, whenever their boss gets dessert for everyone, she always gets something that has peanuts in them.


Via u/ascrumner

13. After getting a significant pay raise, this is the message he received from his boss.

Via u/fingergunzzz

14. A generous portion of coffee given to this employee by his boss.


Via u/TheMeadow

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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