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Employee Used An Amazing Trick To Find Their Food Stealing Coworker At Office

Food Thieve

Buying food from the cafeteria during lunchtime at work can be expensive for many workers. That is why so many office workers all around the world bring their lunch. They put their food containers in the fridge when they arrive at work in the morning, microwave them during lunchtime, and enjoy the meals. Now, I am going to link this phenomenon of workers bringing their lunch from home with food thieves at workplaces. This is not a new concept as we have heard countless stories of food thieves at workplaces all around the world.


Today’s story is no different. Reddit user u/Ok_Mathematician887 shared someone would keep stealing food from her container. To find out who had been doing it, OP decided to label her food container with a sticker that said the food inside contained one of the toughest hot sauces in the world. There wasn’t any hot sauce inside, but surely that would’ve allowed OP to get some clue.

And it happened. OP got called up to HR as someone filed a complaint against OP for contaminating the fridge by adding such a hot sauce to her food. Enquiry was pursued which confirmed someone had indeed been stealing OP’s food. OP was quick to lodge a complaint against her food thief but as soon as he did, the top management kept insisting OP dropped it. Weird, right?

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Source: u/Ok_Mathematician887

1. I think every trickery used is legal to find a food thief.

2. Because someone kept stealing OP’s food while she was working, she printed a label on her container one day that said the food contained one of the hottest sauces in the world.


3. OP got called into HR for this and that is when she got the confirmation that someone had been taking her container out.


4. To clarify whether this was a mix-up, OP demanded both containers be brought in and put side by side. She also shared with the internet that she hadn’t actually put the hot sauce in because it was extremely hot.


5. There you have it. If the person who took OP’s container didn’t bring in their own, this means they were stealing her food.


5. OP filed a complaint against the food thief but her boss, since then, has been requesting her to drop it.


The whole upper management seems so reluctant about this. It feels like someone from the top management had been stealing the food and OP’s boss, the HR, and the line manager knew very well about this. No wonder OP was being asked to drop the complaint after she filed it, of course, they were not going to be able to stop her from complaining because that would’ve meant a breach of law.

Whoever it was, it has now been confirmed he/she was stealing OP’s food. And I hope after this event, they will not be messing with OP again. OP was NTA for this.

Source: u/Ok_Mathematician887

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

6. I know right. Just bring your own or go to the cafe and get some from the cafeteria at lunchtime. It really isn’t that hard.


Via Justafukingegg

7. The label was a good way to warn the thief. If they continue to do it after this, just put the sauce inside and do not put any warning labels on. Let the thief find out the hard way the real cost of doing dirty deeds.


Via katehater

8. If the job isn’t paying well either, OP should consider switching because it would not be worth it working a low-paying job under terrible management.


Via GlitterSmash

9. As I said, the line, staff, and top management have to be involved. Surely.


Via atticuslodius

10. They must be taught the righteous lesson. The sauce must be added to the food.

Via Alenara1

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