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Neighbor’s Cat Destroying Redditor’s Lawn Forced Him To Install Cat Scarers

Cats require facilities. If you don’t have a toilet in your house, things won’t work out. You have to have one installed because you cannot keep knocking on your neighbor’s door to pee or take a dump. That’s the norm, you create facilities for yourself to not run into trouble or awkward situations. The same is the case for your cat. You have to provide it with all the necessary resources for it to function properly and not make a mess…or annoy its neighbors when it has to do the dirty.

Today we have a Reddit story in which OP shares that their neighbor has got 5 cats and once in a blue moon they would come over to their lawn and take a dump. OP mentioned they were okay with it because this would happen rarely but soon the number of episodes started to increase. OP tried some things to make this stop but it didn’t work. After seeing 2 big piles per day on their lawn, they decided to install cat scarers in their garden. This angered the neighbor because now the cats won’t poop on OP’s lawn but they would do it in the neighbor’s house.

OP decided to approach the almost 6 million members of the AITA community to know if installing cat scarers on their lawn was the right thing to do or not.

Scroll down below to read how it all went down.

1. Ideally it is not nice to scare cats off because they are a major blessing but we have to read the whole story to know why OP had to do it…and then vote.

2. OP’s neighbors have 5 cats who poop in their lawn once in a blue moon.


3. Ever since the neighbors made a renovation to their front and back garden, OP started experiencing more cat poop episodes in their garden.


4. Without any plan working OP decided to install cat scarers that worked like a charm. However, this resulted in the cats pooping in their own house and that angered the neighbor a lot.


OP was NTA. It is not okay for a person’s cat to go to another person’s house to do the dirty. This clearly means the cats are not being facilitated properly in the neighbor’s house. If they have 5 cats, that means there should be 5 litter boxes in their house. The neighbors are too entitled to think it is okay to have their cats use someone else’s lawn as their litter box.

Here’s what the readers had to say:

5. OP’s lawn is not a giant litter tray for cats to come and poop in.


6. The cat owner is not providing the cats with facilities to do their business, and that is why this happened.


7. Don’t adopt if you can’t look after them.


8. Personally I am yet to hear one so I can’t tell.


9. Your cat shouldn’t take a dumb in your neighbor’s house. It is as simple as that.


10. Way too entitled.


11. Clearly they aren’t providing to their animals.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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