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31 Old School Parenting Photos That Will Might Shock Modern Parents

These things definitely wouldn’t fly today.

I am sure you have heard boomers saying how we have become ‘weak’ or ‘in my time things were different’. And while that is true, it doesn’t mean things were better in their time. From what I can see in the following pictures, parents didn’t mind putting their kids in danger.


Now I am not trying to call anyone a bad parent but if you give child alcohol you would certainly get arrested in this day and age. However, it seems it wasn’t considered such a big deal back then. Some people might think we ‘coddle’ our kids too much. But in reality, we are just trying to keep them safe from the harms of the world as long as we can.

That is why today we have decided to look back and take a look at how different things used to be compared to how parenting is nowadays.

Source: Reddit

#1 I really hope it is only for the picture.

Dad: Let’s take a picture that will make Mom angry 1970.

#2 Getting to play with swords? What could be better?


I was not a popular child. 1995.

#3 I mean the kid doesn’t know what is happening.


No One is Born Racist 1992.

#4 I wonder what happened after the picture was taken.


How kids became legends, 1990’s.

#5 Well, they had adult supervision so it is fine.


Two boys embracing each other’s culture 1965.

#6 Still safer than a skateboard I would say.


Getting serious helmet-less air in the San Fernando Valley circa mid-70’s.

#7 How expensive was the baby?


Budapest Marketplace, 1984.

#8 Newspaper can be such a tattletale.


My dad got in trouble for skipping school because the local paper printed this picture of him, 1984.

#9 I have no idea what to say about this.


Children’s Motor Wheel, 1927.

#10 If so, who took the picture of this then?


Stealing a drink of wine at a wedding while my mom (behind me) isn’t looking. (1987).

#11 Looks very safe indeed.

Back in the day. 1950s to be exact. Check out that car seat.

#12 Your mother-in-law was cooler as a child then I’ll ever be.


My mother-in-law riding a bear at 2 years old.

#13 Actually I used to play with those as well when I was young.

Advertisement by UDM

My dad showing off his parenting skills 1985.

#14 Okay, this is wrong on several levels.


Me back in 1991 just your typical Aussie kid drinking XXXXlight beer and holding a baby crocodile!

#15 Not the best place to bring a kid, I’d say.

California marijuana initiative rally 1972. That’s me in the box and my parents in the picture.

#16 I think it is good that you were never again this ‘cool’.


Me, 1958, relaxing after my bath with Toby, I was never again this cool.

#17 This mother looks to be pretty strong.

#18 These were super-moms.


Car seat safety in 1958. Not strapped into anything, these seats relied on the mother to put her arm out and stop the baby from falling forward.

#19 The baby is not so happy with this turn of events.

Harley with a baby seat, 1962.

#20 Is it bad that I rode something like this just a few years back?


My mother and grandmother demonstrating safety standards in the 1960s.

#21 And the grownups aren’t even concerned about it.

13 y/o Dad having a taste while the grownups are busy playing cards; upstate New York, August 1954.

#22 At least the tiger was chained.


Just a photo of yours truly (at 11 yrs.) petting a full grown tiger. My mom calls it her ‘Bad Parenting Moment.’

#23 Having fun I presume?

A couple ice skating with their baby, 1937.

#24 There doesn’t seem to be many safety rails in the zoo.

My adorable (4-year-old) mother at a zoo in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 1970.

#25 The best thing about this is the fact the cigarette is not lit.

A photo of me dressed up as my Dad, with my Dad (1982).

#26 Are kids allowed in bars?


Infant me, my mother & father at a bar because that’s how parents rolled in the early ’80s.

#27 I think she needed to work on those skills a bit more.


My mom showing off her parenting skills 1978.

#28 Are they trying to use the children as a lure?

The pinnacle of parenting: 1930s swimming lesson.

#29 Not the best idea but the baby lion is adorable.


My dad and his veterinarian mother, with their pet lion which they raised for two years, 1959.

#30 The expressions are just priceless.

My Hilarious Father (with the magazine) and my Grandfather, Grandmother, and Uncle at His Bar Mitzvah in 1972.

#31 She is totally bada** here!

My mom in the hospital after giving birth to my sister. Canada 1978. Smokes and roasted chicken eh!

Have any stories to share about old school parenting that would get people arrested today? If so comment them down below and let us know!


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