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People Shared Perks Enjoyed As A Kid Because Of Their Parents’ Job

Financial or not, parents’ jobs do have some benefits.

Childhood was and always will be the best part of our lives. Undoubtedly, the fondest memories we have are from our childhood. Living life without a care in the world didn’t have to carry any weight of responsibilities on our shoulders. Playing outside with your friends, patiently waiting for the new episode of your favorite show to air, living each day to the fullest, not having to think about bills, rents, food expenses. When at school, I eagerly waited for the school bell to ring so I could play with my friends at the playground. We immersed ourselves in watching all sorts of shows, from cartoons, soap operas, to wrestling. And then recreating those classic WWE moves on our siblings, or in my case, be on the receiving end of those moves being performed. Nonetheless, I loved my childhood, loved being a child, and would give anything to relive that experience one more time.


Not everyone’s parents were ice parlor owners so they could get spoiled with free ice cream; at least mine wasn’t, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy quality time with my family. Even the smallest of gestures by them meant a lot for me and is engraved into my memory as a happy one. For some kids, the job their parents had had a huge impact on their lives. They get to enjoy a variety of perks. I’ve had friends, whose mothers were teachers and they either got discounts on their tuition fees or they didn’t have to pay anything at all.

On Twitter, Scott Cunningham, who goes by the Twitter handle @causalinf asked his followers, “What Perks Did You Enjoy As A Kid Because Of Your Parents’ Job?” The Twitter thread received thousands of responses and soon went viral. Here are some of the replies to that tweet we have compiled for you.

1. Free Ice-cream, one thing I would’ve loved as a child


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2. Celebrity perks.

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3. Freedom to draw anything.

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4. Your dad was awesome.

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5. Quality time.

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6. Free first-class flights.

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7. He got to play video games; what more could you ask for.

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8. Sounds delicious.

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9. No late fees.

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10. What more could you ask for half-off tuition fee and free books.

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11. Cool science stuff.

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12. Free access to the universal studio

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13. All aboard the train!

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14. Love the idea of experimental tapes.

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15. Free swimming pool access sounds amazing

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Gotta admit kids who had free ice cream, or whose parents didn’t have to pay their school fees seem the luckiest; however, meeting celebrities as a kid isn’t something many people get to do often. But the list isn’t over yet. Let’s not stop here; keep scrolling to see what other perks people had enjoyed thanks to their parents.

16. Movie theaters too… sounds magical.

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17. Free psychotherapy

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18. How cool is that

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19. Marvel at rocket launches

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20. Costumes and Sundaes

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21. Sounds fun.

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22. To be fair, that’s pretty cool.

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23. More celebrity perks

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24. Free Cadbury chocolate fudge bars

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25. Dinner debates.

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26. Free Sugar cubes

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27. I can’t unsee it now

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28. Free ballpoint pens

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29. Cool kids back in the day

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30. I am so jealous

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When I hear about all these stories, it makes me wonder, what if I was born in a different household, what if I could swap my life with someone else’s, trade my shoes with someone else just to see what it’d be like, go inside each other’s mind, just to see what it would be like to feel their pain and joy, and they feel mine. All these individuals sharing their stories with the internet, they have something going on for them, a life different from our own, perks which they get to enjoy, and we don’t, even then, little things, the tiniest of gestures, remained engraved in our memory as the most enjoyable and memorable thing ever.  Let us know in the comments if there are any unique perks you got to enjoy because of your parents.


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