28 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Look Again

Sometimes, not everything is what they seem to be. Things tend to look different from different angles and perspectives. Especially in the case of pictures. They perfectly present our three dimensional world in the form of two dimension, which pretty much taken from any angle can make a huge difference. As much as they can wow us, they can also be deceiving. And honestly, the human mind can easily fall victim to deception. But that’s totally okay.

Hence, we have collected some of the best illusions for you. Some of these photos are captured at the perfect time that will surely make you laugh. Although, they are pretty much accidental with the perfect angle they can really make you look twice in a row…or maybe more than that. And trust us, they’re definitely not photo-shopped. Just some crazy moments to trick your mind. Things are gonna get crazy here…

So scroll down to see for yourself how daily-life objects can be turned into something extraordinary with the right angle.

1. “14 wind turbines in a row”

Don’t scroll too fast. This one is confusing anddd looks pretty awesome.

2. “My car wash foam looks like a sparkling sunset.”


Oh boy! We’re saving this for later. It’s THAT pretty.

3. “Just two persons holding a mirror.”


Yep. Look again now.

4. “My burnt match looks like a stage microphone.”


Totally impressed by nature’s creativity. It’s LIT

5. “Left my head on the top shelf.”


We present to you…Catty Magiccc

6. “Took a picture of my 21-year-old girlfriend’s hair, is it just me or does she look like a toddler from this angle?”


So you’re saying, this is NOT a toddler? wowww

7. “The angle makes it look completely vertical instead of stretching over 3 lanes.”


Thank God, it’s just an illusion *grimacing*

8. “This is Kosi. If he really concentrates, he can shoot rainbows out of his head. 13/10 magical”


Way to go buddy!

9. “This is real talent.”


From ordinary to extraordinary in 3..2..1

10. “Bunny’s best and only angle from now on”


This angle is hilarious AF indeed.

11. “This is not Photoshopped.”

Looks heavenly.

12. “I took a picture of my parents with the door at just the right angle to make it look like my dad is talking to another version of himself.”


A one-on-one talk with himself. Interesting

13. “This photo of my nephew and me”

Yo, where’s the nephew?

14.“My buddy was stoked to finally meet Tony Hawk and this was the picture the person behind him took for him.”


You made me look like a headless man? Nice.

Are you intrigued yet? We hope you are because we still have some crazy moments that will definitely make you look twice and question what you saw the first time. Get ready to be amazed!!

15. The right angle can turn a bear into a bird.

A bear on a nest? That’s unbearably cute!

16.”Mythical double-edged cat”


The more, the better…we feel.

17. “I was so excited to see a baby deer on my hike, but this is what it was.”

Ohhh Deeeeeer. We warned you this could get confusing.

18. “The light coming from the bathroom window makes my cat look like she just had a great idea.”


Maybe she did. YOU NEVER KNOW!!?!!

19. “Dog on bear blanket”

Imagine looking for your dog only to see him sleeping here…hmmm interesting

20. “— This tortilla looks like a dog.” “— Looks like a pitabull.”


We can not unsee this now.

21. “My wife took this by a river and it totally looked like 4 different pictures”

This looks nothing less than a painting.

22. “Tree embraces friend”


If trees could really hug, we wouldn’t even move.

23. “Thought this section of fencing was levitating.”

But IT IS LEVITATING, isn’t it?

24. “Fighter jet perched atop a pedestal”

Just resting for a while before it takes off. Nothing to see here.

25. “Miniature biker”

Can someone explain to us what is happening?

26. “Nice dress”


Daddy looks like a pretty pretty princess!

27. “Giant bug attack! (On my windshield)”


This looks waaaaayyy too real. *shocked*

28. “Sunrise in northern Europe.”


Somebody call 91..oh wait. Isn’t that beautiful?

And there you have it. We’ll give you a minute to process what you’ve just witnessed. Pretty mind-blowing, huh? We hope it confused your brain just like it did ours. But we sure had fun. Let us know what you think and share if you have ever seen/witnessed such moments?


What do you think?