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Sibling Refuses To Go To Sister’s Destination Wedding Because She Can’t Be Around Children

Sisters destination wedding

Destination weddings are a major trend that many couples follow. However gorgeous it may seem or is, the guests have a bare a major cost to attend them as they are mostly at locations quite far away from your residence.


Today’s story revolves around a destination wedding but the problem isn’t the cost, it is the kids that would come as well. Reddit user u/Automatic-Office-964 shared her sister had planned out a destination wedding. Now, OP feels a lot of stress around kids, and a week-long stay at a resort or a hotel would mean there would be kids there and OP was in no mood to interact with them. So she decided to tell her sister and her parents that she would definitely attend the wedding but would book herself a separate resort.

Both the sister and her parents did not like this and kept insisting OP stay with them at the resort her sister was booking for everyone. OP ended up deciding not to go to the wedding at all.

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Source: u/Automatic-Office-964

1. A sibling drama over a wedding. Let’s jump right in.

2. OP doesn’t do well around children, they stress her out.


3. OP’s sister had planned a destination wedding at The Dominican Rebulic and there were going to be a lot of kids there.


4. OP said she would go there happily but would stay at a different resort which won’t be too far away from where everyone else would reside.


5. This became a major problem for OP’s sister as with more guests OP’s sister would get a better discount on the resort she was booking.


Okay, I must point out that feeling stressed out around children is something OP needs to work on. Children are cute entities and trust me, they mean no harm to anyone. So, OP definitely has to take this factor into consideration and try to comfort herself around kids.

Now, coming to the main story. OP is NTA. I don’t care if there is more to this story but you cannot decide anything for anyone. Yes, she is going to attend the wedding but because OP wants to have a good time there, she is booking a separate resort to avoid the kids. I see nothing wrong here. She will be at that resort to rest. For the rest of the period, she will be with her sister and parents enjoying the wedding.

I feel the only reason why OP’s sister is insisting so much on her staying with everyone is because she gets a better discount on the whole package. Understandable. But you have to respect OP’s decision.

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Source: u/Automatic-Office-964

6. OP’s sister insisted she stay at the resort she had booked for everyone but OP refused.


7. OP’s parents got involved but they couldn’t convince her either.


8. Because the family was insisting OP so much, she changed her plan entirely and refused to go to the wedding at all.


Source: u/Automatic-Office-964

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

9. The Internet understood why OP wanted to book a separate resort to stay.


Via CrystalQueen3000

10. If I am spending that much money, at least let my experience be comfortable.


Via IntrovertedBookMan

11. Yeah, that thing about not being comfortable around children is something OP seriously needs to work on.

Via DrunkenPriest_2107

12. It’s not like the sister was going to pay for the flight. OP paid for her own trip and she gets to stay wherever she wants.


Via Lirael1992

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