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Woman’s Story About How She Had To Hide Her Poop In Her Purse Is Hilariously Embarrassing

Dates do not always go well. Sometimes they end up being horrible!

We all have had our share of bad dates. Dates are not always bound to go well. There is always a possibility that something will come up and ruin the date. Sometimes the person does not show up and you get stood up. Sometimes the person starts treating you like a therapist. There are people who mention their ex so many times that even you start missing their ex. Sometimes the person is too boring. But have you ever had a horrible date because you were the problem? Many similar reasons can come up. However, what this particular girl went through on her date is something that no one has ever been through.


We are going to take you through this girl’s date step by step. The girl was at the grocery store when a guy asked her out. They planned to go on a date. It was going pretty normal till now!

It was going as smooth as butter until the moment came when she had to use the washroom. Going to the washroom in itself is not an issue.  Everyone has to use the washroom. It is a natural thing. There is nothing to be ashamed about. However, in this case, this is where things started getting bad.

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She decided to share her experience with the internet.

It was all going normally at first.


The whole problem started when she decided to use the guy’s bathroom.


This is everyone’s worst nightmare. Why do flushes not work properly? They have a single job. The guy would have known that his flush does not work. He uses this washroom every day. There is no way he was not aware of this. It was his responsibility to inform the girl beforehand before he let her dive into this mess.

We all have learned by this point in our life that this is not the way to go about such problems.


At that moment, you rely on your hopes that the flush will work so you keep flushing the toilet.

I cannot think of a single thing that can come to a person’s mind when they are in this situation. I am not able to guess how this might end.


What. On. Earth.


I have so many questions. What was she planning to do? How did she even have it in her to actually pick up her waste? It would take a whole year to wash her hands properly. I personally would never be satisfied that my hands are clean, even if I sterilize them.


I cannot believe that out of all things, this person decided to pick up her bowel expulsion. How stupid do you have to be to do that? Well, I guess bathroom accidents and embarrassing moments can make you lose your sanity and your ability to think.

Well, at least she is also freaking out the way we are.


The fact that she was freaking out shows she is probably slightly bit intact with reality. I was here thinking she is not aware of the utter insanity she has plunged into. Also, how can someone take such a huge step without having a proper plan? I am seriously questioning this girl’s intelligence.

Here it comes


I am wondering what the guy must be thinking at this point. She was definitely in there for too long. He must be thinking she is in some sort of girl problem, so he was giving her some space. However, what I am most curious about is what is the only thing that she could do? She mentions how she was going to make another horrible condition. As if the previous decision was not horrible enough, she was ready to make the whole thing even way worse. The only thing that makes sense to me at this point is that she drains the poop in the sink. The issue will be solved and no one will be able to tell it even happened. But since this girl seems to have a history of making bad decisions, you all can imagine how horrible her next decision is going to be. She is just not capable of thinking like a regular human being.

Oh. My. God.


I do not have visuals but I am screaming at the top of my lungs at this absurdity. I have no words. The world has ended and only this girl and her purse are left on the planet. I cannot process this information properly. How insane do you have to be to put your shit in your purse? I am filled with disgust and shock. How did this girl face the guy? Did she take the purse with her outside? The room they’ll be in must be filled with an insane amount of smell. In case spent the night, then damn, that purse would be a complete horror show. It would be scarier than any scary book written by Stephen king.

I really want to meet this girl and ask her how in her right mind she turned this normal day into such a disastrous one. People ask out others in grocery stores thinking they will be simply human beings with nothing odd about them. Apparently, even people at grocery stores can pull up such blunders. This is a warning to everyone to never ask people out at grocery stores.

Have you all ever been through something that is remotely as bad as this date? I cannot speak for everyone, but I doubt anyone else’s bad date experience and peak this one. This person has broken the record of the world’s worst date ever. To put it into simple words, she picked up her stool and put it in her purse. A purse holds your house keys, your wallet, and your phone too. I don’t even want to imagine how she must have taken out the keys to open the door to her house. Everything she owns needs to be sterilized for a week straight.

What are your all thoughts on this? I hope you all share the same feelings that I am currently experiencing. Let us know in the comments!


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