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19 People Who Went On Their Worst First Dates But Came With A Wild Story

Unexpedtedly good dates take us by surprise when we were not even expecting it. And even better, some dates turn out to be so fun and entertaining, that the mere pressure of being on a date is forgotten. They become stories that you excitedly get to tell all your friends when you meet them. And we all love hearing about such fun dates. However…


I think most of have had bad first dates right? Being stood up. The person turning out to be big dull. Having to pay for both of your meals. Your date keeps talking about their ex. You blabbering about your ex. Your date being super creepy. These and many more situations that make you feel absolutely sitty are examples of horrible first dates. There are endless possibilities and for those who do go on dates regularly with new people, they must have a list of bad dates. Sometime you wonder why keep going on dates when you know they won’t turn out good. I guess we all just go for the food. It also gives us an excuse to dress up so that’s an absolute plus! And also getting out of the house feels good. And even though the dates turn out to be an absolute horror, it’s still a funny story to tell later! And we all love to hear them.

Below we have gathered a list of tweets where people tell their horrible first dates, and damn! These seem like the worst first dates in history. Keep scrolling to see how.

1. An Angel sent as a waitress!

Via © ELPwork / reddit

Okay, first of all, that girl has a nerve. She really thought she was going to get away with eating all that expensive food and making the other person pay for all of it. And secondly, wow, my heart just melted knowing such considerate waitresses exist. She noticed the person was in trouble and really came for the rescue. We all need such waitresses as our savior in case the dates turn out bad.

2. Went for food, got robbed instead

Via © Steampunker683 / reddit

Damn. Quick lesson guys, never go to an ATM with a stranger. This is making me bang my head on the wall. How evil do you have to be to literally rob someone and stage it as a date?

3. Damn those recruiters

Via © unlimitedanna / reddit

Way to recruit people for your event when it is not getting enough attention guys! Honestly though, people have absolutely no dignity.

4. The beard got insulted

Via © Jeborisboi / reddit

Feeling bad for this poor boy! He must have felt so put down about his beard. Imagine the time it must have taken to grow it that thick. How do people even have the nerve to comment on someone’s appearance like that? And also that being the first thing you say to your date? You have to have a cold-heart to do this. Thank the heavens this guy was confident enough to put up with this more than a minute.

5. The freeloaders

Via © Locomotion15 / reddit

Freeloaders alert! We have all been in situations where we had to cater to someone’s freeloading habit. And damn, this guy even brought a friend to accompany him in his freeloading endeavors. Can’t believe it was this person’s first date ever in life. But to be very honesty, kind of judging them for not leaving earlier when it all started.

6. Too fast too soon

Via © MeghanAM / reddit

Damn, the relationship has not even started or hell the first date is not done either and the guy decides to take her to a family holiday? If I did not know any better, this guy got attachment issues.

7. The clueless date

Via © Palifaith / reddit

This has got to be the most awkward date ever. What was she even thinking, that she came out for a friendly dinner with someone total stranger?

8. Give me some space!

Via © Notathrowawaysleeve / reddit

Damn, has this guy heard of the word privacy or even decency? I am getting angry on this person’s behalf. This has to be the creepiest thing to happen on a date. Hope this person dashed away right when he got caught!

9. Came for a date, got a study partner instead

Via © sunnyy_side_up / reddit

Okay so not gonna lie, this is kinda of cute, right? They spent hours doing sometime together and it also sounds like a new idea for a first date. Not unless the other guy thought he was being called for pair-study. Well, in that case, this is awkward as hell. But at least this person found a nice study partner!

10. The twin dilemma

Via © Interrupting-Dash / reddit Isn’t it making you curious to know what happened next? Did he continue dating one the sister or left? Or did he just get both of them. Damn, you never know these days.

11. The height issue

Via © savemejebus0 / reddit

Damn, who even cares about the height in the 21st century? It’s just a length. First, the girl subtly insults his height. Second, she slams the door on his face. That’s harsh. She could have at least asked him to come inside and take a seat while she changes into something flatter.

12. The typical “Got stood up” date

Via © LordOfVigilance / reddit

And this is why you don’t do dates kids! Such people exist in the world and there is absolutely no way to find out your date will be one of them. And the fact he had to face the enite university crowd while he got stood up? Embarassing…

13. Got upset too soon!

Via © Krickles88 / reddit
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Getting upset on a first date? First dates are suppose to be fun and about you and not about you freeloading on either the restaurant or your date.

14. The cheater!

Via © Powerctx / reddit

It is still hard to believe people still think it is okay to cheat. How do they find it in themselves to be disloyal? Good that he added things up and realised it could easily happen to him too.m

15. The game of Jealousy


When I say some people have no dignity at all, I truly mean it and speak the truth. Poor guy though, he must have felt so used.

16. Guy who lived with her mom

Via © toddwdraper / reddit

Okay real question, who plans the first date in a house?

17. The double date

Via © womIntrovert84 / reddit

Oh God, this really has to win the award for the worst date ever! This poor person still had to show up for the date only to find out that not only got ditched, they got ditched because the girl planned a date with someone else at the same time!

18. The double-minded date

Via © gold_and_diamond / reddit

People really got the nerve to use people like that and admit it on their face!

19. The complainer

Via © guacnchip / reddit

Is he her date or her father? The date did not even start yet and he is already asking her to meet his friends. He is going too fast, damn!

Wow, I think these people really had the worst dates anyone could ever have. Reading these dates makes you think your worst dates maybe were not that bad at all. It also makes you not want to go any date in the future at all! People on dating apps can be so deceptive and you never know if those people are real or not. And if they are real, you can never tell if they are genuinely into the date like you are. I mean if it can happen to them, it can happen to any of us too, right?

However, regardless of the horrible experience, bad dates always are funny in retrospect and you get to laugh about them with your friends later. So what was your worst first like?


What do you think?