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Girlfriend Asks If She Was Wrong For Asking Boyfriend To Charge His Family Member For Fraud

Charge Family Member

Reddit user u/thr0w4w4ylife and her boyfriend had been extremely ambitious about buying a house they had always dreamed to purchase. After working really hard, they finally put in an initial deposit on the house and locked it to themselves. However, things took a shocking turn when the boyfriend’s credit score came back bad. His credit card had been in default with a charge of $5000 but he said he had canceled that credit card and closed the account for a very long time. The bad credit score wouldn’t let the boyfriend get the bank loan for the house.


When OP insisted on getting the matter investigated to find out the culprit behind the fraud, the boyfriend didn’t want to take that route. This rang some bells in OP’s head and the signals ended up being correct.

Scroll down below to read how it all went down. Spoiler alert: You are in for a shock!

Source: u/thr0w4w4ylife

1. I am interested in this…let’s find out the details.

2. OP and her boyfriend finally put in a deposit


3. Unfortunately, they received shocking news about the boyfriend’s credit score being bad. He said he didn’t do any such bad activities and blamed someone else.


4. A family member had gotten ahold of his credit card and had been using it since 2019. OP’s boyfriend thought he had canceled it and closed that account entirely.


5. The family member had been defaulting on and off and a huge amount of $5000 was still outstanding in charges.


6. The boyfriend said again that he had no idea about it.


7. The problem is, with the bad credit score, the bank won’t lend to OP’s boyfriend and they won’t be able to purchase the house.


8. The couple has two options. One is to investigate and charge the family member at fault. This would prove OP’s boyfriend is clear.


9. The second option is to pay the debt but that would set the couple at least 3 years back.


10. Because the boyfriend doesn’t want any conflicts in the family, he went for option 2. OP wants to go with option 1 as she wants the case to be investigated and the culprit charged with fraud.


Suddenly, there are a lot of red flags drawn in my head when I read that OP’s boyfriend doesn’t want any sort of investigation whatsoever. What does he mean he doesn’t want anyone involved, he was so into buying that house and starting his own business. Option 2 would set them back by 3 years.

I have no idea why he wants to go for it.

Source: u/thr0w4w4ylife

The AITA community had a lot to say about this:

11. His going with option 2 kind of draws red flags in my head.

Via 4thxtofollowtherules

12. The family member should be sued. That is how it should go. You cannot let that slide.


Via Silly_philosopher_

13. This could actually change the way things had been going between OP and her boyfriend.

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Via believingunbeliever

14. This event is definitely affecting the couple and the strength of their relationship.


Via Old_Blue_Haired_Lady

OP shared a major update on the situation:

15. The situation had really confused OP and she told her boyfriend about this and that none of anything that he is saying or doing makes sense to her.

16. Oh my god, he lied. It was him all along. He had lied about everything. OP’s boyfriend is a fraudster.


17. OP broke up with her boyfriend. This update is huge!

18. He expects OP will forgive him but I don’t think OP is in any mood to repeat her mistakes.


19. Wow, OP found out the truth and is now also getting a house to her own name.

Source: u/thr0w4w4ylife

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

20. I am happy the big lie came out.


Via AstronomerPrevious71

21. It was a complete success for OP.

Via BlahWitch

22. Liars will never stop lying. Good that OP ended things with him.


Via Finalbladestyle

23. All I can say is everything happens for a reason.

Via Anli0

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