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Brother Throws Away Sister’s Feminine Hygiene Products In Trash, Mother Throws His Nintendo Switch

Threw Switch in Trash

Revenge is never the way to teach your children a lesson. You are instead providing them with a terrible way to deal with situations. This is not a good way to parent and I highly discourage it. But some people have to go through such situations to understand the importance of how terrible they are. You make mistakes to learn…I hope people learn. I hope this mother learned from her mistake in the story we have got for shared by herself.


Reddit user u/Soft_Personality_521 shared her daughter had been going through all sorts of mood swings and feeling a lot of cramp pain due to her period. As a result, she would annoy her brother. One time she got snippy with him while he was playing his favorite game, Fortnite. He decided to take revenge on his sister and threw away all her feminine hygiene products. OP found out about this when her daughter went to change her sanitary pad but couldn’t find any.

OP then decided to take revenge of her own and threw away her son’s Nintendo Switch in the trash as a punishment to teach him a lesson. Her husband thought she went too far and devised a different punishment by taking the Switch out of the trash and locking it away so he couldn’t use it until he fixed his attitude.

She asked the subreddit “Am I The A$$hole?” to know if her way of punishing her son was right or not…as compared to her husband’s. Scroll down below to read the story!

Source: u/Soft_Personality_521

1. Was it too harsh a punishment? Let’s find out.

2. OP’s daughter had been having all sorts of mood swings and cramp pains from her period.


3. This resulted in her getting on her brother’s nerves while he was playing Fortnite. He decided to take revenge on his sister and threw away all her feminine hygiene products.


4. When the sister went to switch out her pad, that is when she found out there weren’t any in her cabinet. OP had to rush to a store nearby to get some new ones for her to finally change.


5. OP heard her son laughing with his friends about what he did playing Fortnite on his Nintendo Switch. She took revenge by snatching his Switch and throwing it in the trash.


6. He started crying as her husband quickly took it out of the garbage and instead locked it somewhere the son wouldn’t be able to get it from. His father grounded him from using the Switch until he learned his lesson.


7. The husband told OP he would not return the Switch to his son till he learns his lesson but throwing it in the garbage was not going to make him change.


No, seriously, someone please tell me what this mother expects to happen by doing this? Is she expecting that her son will learn a lesson never to be forgotten again? That he will never disrespect his sister again? No! You just taught your son that the solution to every problem is to take revenge. That is the knowledge you equipped your son with. Throwing his Switch in the trash because he did the same with his sister’s feminine products is only going to reinforce the negativity he just exhibited out of anger.

OP is dealing, in this situation, with her child like a child herself. This will not work. OP, YTA!

Source: u/Soft_Personality_521

8. OP is of the thought her son should never get his Switch back and that it should be given away to someone else.


9. She believes her son permanently losing his Switch is a rock-solid punishment but OP’s husband thinks his wife is overreacting.


Source: u/Soft_Personality_521

Here’s what the AITA community had to say about this:

10. You are only going to reinforce negative behavior this way, OP. He will do it again if you punish him like that.


Via Own-Preparation4687

11. I hope sanity doesn’t get taken over by their dumbness.

Via Zauberspruch

12. It will turn the kids into monsters.


Via Haunting-Juice983

13. Learn from your husband and do better next time.

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14. He acted like a child but unfortunately, you also acted like one.


Via Owl_plantain

15. Really hard to tell, really, who was the child in this story.

Via PracticalPrimrose

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