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Childless Woman Refuses To Give 6 Of Her Paid Vacation Days To A Coworker With Three Kids, Drama Ensues

According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the US, out of 13 other countries is the only country that doesn’t require employers to give workers annual paid leave, with  23 percent of American employees with no paid vacation and 22 percent without paid holidays. The author of this post r/AITA who is a 25-year-old who decided to not have children was approached by a 41-year-old coworker who wanted to get her fair days of vacation as she has children. This shows how employees take it rather seriously if they are given any paid time off.

“She wants me to give her 6 of my days. Her justification is that I’m childless and don’t need that many days,”. This got the 25-year-old guilty tripping into thinking if she did an unjust thing by not giving the days off to the coworker.

For a change, millennial Americans now choose as to whether or not they want to have children since there is much more to achieve and do in life post-2008 economy than it being compulsory to have children. This suggestion was proven by the stats provided by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the birth rate has declined by 4% since 1979.

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This 25 year old relayed how her coworker could use the days off so she could spend time with her kids by utilizing the holidays of a woman who decided to not have children.

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That is a long time to be working in a company with kids.


That seems like pretty decent terms and conditions.


Well, it is the coworkers’ decision and choice as to where she spends the 14 days.


With or without kids, she worked hard to save up the 44 days!! Cannot steal that from her.


Well if the justification included a bit more of an emotional aspect, that would have been a different story.


She is being humble!

The dreams are being crushed by her using up the 10 days already. Ain’t have nothing to do with her!


Well, it depends on how you approach people!

The generation gap is becoming more and more apparent due to different opinions on people wanting and not wanting to have children. Since it is a rather conscious decision made on both ends, it should be taken into consideration that at the workplace they should be treated equally. Those with children might have a bit more expectations since they feel entitled so they deserve a tad bit more empathy and services being provided to them, compared to those who do not have children.

“No one is obligated to do it if they don’t want to or aren’t ready,” the three women who created “Childfree Girls Podcast” adding that we would be genuinely surprised how many people have no idea that “they can choose not to become parents.” The phenomenon of voluntary childlessness is creating awareness to empower the young women generation!

Boomers back in their day considered having children as courageous, mature, and thoroughly encouraged. The Childfree Girls explained: “People say ‘have a child’ cavalierly, as if it isn’t the monumental job parents will often tell you it is, but it is the most personally impactful decision an individual can make, permanently affecting not only the parents’ lives but the life or lives those parents create.”

In the midst of the pandemic, companies were more eager to reward employees with children by providing time off and bonuses that were once tied to performance in these big tech companies. The Times reported that the new advantages of caregiving status were not fair for those who did not have children.

People had a lot to express in this current story in fact. Here are some of the comments:

She definitely would not have done that for you hun’.


It is their personal decision, doesn’t push one over the other in terms of superiority to be entitled.

Time is money guys, wise advice.


Everyone’s personal time is valuable, with or without kids, period.

Guilt-tripping is just wrong.


You earned your 44 days!

It is your compensation for your job!


That is completely different than taking a vacation to Europe.

Just move on!


Forced giving does not have the same sentiment as sharing out of generosity.

Making someone feel invalidated for not having a child is not correct.


People dubbed the childfree people “selfish,”. Google’s former head of HR, Laszlo Bock mentioned: “for people to get upset enough to say that ‘I feel this is unfair’ demonstrates a lack of patience, a lack of empathy and a sense of entitlement.”

On the other hand of the spectrum, it seems that those employees with or without kids are unhappy. People without children are picking up a much heavier paid workload, showed a Bloomberg Report. Meanwhile, parents and mothers especially are able to work less, showed the same report. Feelings of resentment and being drained went hand in hand. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below!


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