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Daughter Left Home Without Informing Parents And Took Her Dog Along As Well

Move out with dog

While she was about to reach her savings target to buy herself a car, an unexpected event resulted in Reddit user u/rockinMaggie using those savings elsewhere. OP shared that one day she noticed a puppy fighting for her life in a storm drain on a rainy day. She decided to take the puppy in and her parents allowed her to keep it. OP decided to spend all her savings on the puppy’s medication and treatment which resulted in her getting all healthy. OP also joined online classes to train the pup as well.


A couple of years later though, OP’s parents wanted to pass the pup, who had turned into a dog, down to her little brother because he needed a dog. OP refused as she knew her brother was not mature enough to own a dog. They had had many experiences of yelling at each other because her brother would mistreat the dog. After having enough of it, OP decided the only way to escape all this was to move out so she found herself a new place and moved out along with the dog without informing her parents.

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Source: u/rockinMaggie

1. Let’s find out!


2. OP rescues her puppy from a drain on a rainy day.


3. OP spent a lot of time, money, and effort on bringing the puppy back to good health and training it. Her parents had warned her that the pup wouldn’t be allowed to stay if a mistake occurred.


4. After some time passed, OP noticed her parents trying to pass the pup (now a dog) to her little brother because he had a wish to get a dog.


5. OP knew very well her brother was not mature enough to own a dog yet.


6. Tension would rise every time her brother would yell at the dog as OP would yell back at him and that would result in the parents getting involved…and everything would just pile up on OP.


7. After completely losing it, OP decided she had had enough and started looking for places so she could move out.


8. After getting a deal done OP decided to move out and took her dog along as well. This made the parents really angry who called her an AH for doing what she did.


Who gave them the right to pass that dog down? When OP rescued her dog, her parents allowed her to keep it. They didn’t say they also own the dog. And the fact that OP paid for everything to make the dog healthy and even train it, makes her the true owner. She used up all her savings that she was initially going to use to buy herself a car.

Her brother, as OP has mentioned, is not capable of being a dog owner yet so be it any dog, the brother would ruin its life. OP made a great decision to move out along with her dog. She was NTA for this.

Source: u/rockinMaggie

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9. No need to respond to your parents. She is your dog.


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10. He can go and get one.

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11. Just be prepared and don’t give them any chance to take your dog away.


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12. As far away as possible.

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13. What part of this can’t the parents understand?


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14. No one is allowed to take from you what you own… And you own that dog.

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