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Father Pays For Son’s Tuition Fee But Refuses To Do So For Stepdaughter

Stepdaughter Tuition

Ladies and gentlemen, money is a very impactful asset both in a positive way and in a negative way. In a positive way, it allows you to improve your quality of life. In a negative way, the others smell if you have it and they will try to squeeze it out of you because they feel an entitlement which makes them think they have a right to your money. So many people have been frauded because of this.


In today’s story, something similar was going to happen but the Redditor who shared this story kept firm on his ground. OP shared he has one son who he adopted from his sister and his wife had one daughter before the two got married. The two decided not to adopt each other’s children because the wife didn’t want to lose her daughter’s child support and OP didn’t want to risk losing his son’s custody. After he got divorced from his wife, OP decided to start his own business and it boomed. After it became a success, OP decided to set up a fund for his son which would allow him to get good education and use the rest for himself. The ex-wife did not like the fact that OP didn’t set up such a fund for his stepdaughter. She wanted OP to treat both children equally even though the two had been divorced for 5 years and she didn’t allow him to adopt the girl either. OP stood his ground and refused thinking her request had no logic in it.

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Source: Reddit

1. Let’s find out.

2.  OP has been divorced from her wife for 5 years. OP has one son who he adopted from his sister.


3. The reason for adopting the son was that OP’s sister suffers from paralysis that has frozen her body from the waist down.


4. At the time of marriage, OP and his wife both had one child each. The two decided not to adopt each other’s children because the wife didn’t want her daughter’s child support to stop, and OP thought he might lose custody of his son.


5. After the divorce, OP started his own business and it became a success.


6. After attaining financial stability, OP set up a fund and a trust for his son which would allow him to live a comfortable life even if OP passed away.


7. OP’s ex-wife didn’t like that he didn’t set up such a fund for his stepdaughter and demanded he does.


8. OP hadn’t had any contact with his ex-wife and his stepdaughter for 5 years, yet she demanded the two children be treated equally.


OP’s ex-wife herself did not allow him to become his stepdaughter’s father. She didn’t want him to adopt the girl because that would cancel out the child support she had been getting from the girl’s biological father. So, that puts OP in no position to support his stepdaughter in her education or any other expenditure.

Again, if she is worried about her daughter’s future, she should have done something about it herself. She assumed OP would do something. You cannot make such assumptions.

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Source: Reddit

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

9. If the mom is too worried about her daughter’s schooling, she should approach the biological father or work to make the required money.


Via SummaSix

10. She was living on cloud nine.


Via izziefans

11. Yes! She was fully going to rely on OP for it.

Via kleeinny

12. She wanted to rob OP. Sorry mam, you either shouldn’t have taken divorce or should’ve allowed him to adopt the girl.


Via The_Amazing_Username

13. They literally came out of a cave and thought they would be given a golden throne to sit on.

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Via pineboxwaiting

14.  She smelled money and suddenly OP was all bliss for her.


Via Arse_______

15. She literally had no contact with OP. None of it in any way.

Via Dalton402

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