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Daughter Wants Mother To Either Permanently Adopt Her Dog Or She Will Send Him To Animal Welfare

Adopt My Dog

Reddit user u/Impossible_Maybe shared she had spent many years of her life staying at different hospitals because of a sickness she had. Her mother didn’t support her much during this phase and she wasn’t sent to rehab either. After consideration, OP was allowed to adopt a therapy dog who was a rescue and she absolutely loved it, calling the adoption the best decision of her life. Her mother promised her she would take full care of OP’s dog every time she went for treatment.


One time when OP was called for admission to the hospital for emergency rehabilitation therapy, her mother told her to not worry about anything and that she would take care of her dog. But only three weeks into the therapy, OP’s mother called and told her to get out of the hospital and return home because she could not take care of her dog anymore…the promise was broken.

OP told her mother either she should take care of her dog full time or she would send it to animal welfare. This caused havoc in the family as everyone got against OP and disowned her. This made OP share the story on the infamous subreddit “Am I The A$$hole?” to know if she was in the right or not.

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Source: u/Impossible_Maybe

1. What made OP tell her mother this? Let’s find out.

2. OP has had a rough life that she has spent being sick. Her mother wasn’t the best of parents during that challenging phase for her.


3.  OP’s parents didn’t send her to rehabilitation therapy afterward either.


4. At the age of 21 OP got a therapy dog for her with a promise from her mother that she would take full care of it


5. OP shared adopting her rescue was the best decision she ever made in her life. After 6 months, however, a twist in the tale, OP’s mother also adopted a rescue.


6. OP’s and her month’s dog never got along. This was impacting OP’s treatment.


7. Many years later, after a health assessment, doctors wanted to admit OP for rehabilitation therapy on an emergency basis. Her mother’s dog had passed 3 years ago so she said she would keep her promise, will take care of the dog, and that OP should only focus on her therapy.


8. Only 3 weeks into the therapy, OP told her mother to abort it as taking care of her dog was not an easy task. She wanted to lift her hands off the responsibility of taking care of OP’s dog.


9. He, the dog, had been creating a lot of mess at OP’s mother’s house.


Mother, oh mother! Why did you do this? Your daughter is sick. At least you should have honored that. You were not taking any part in her treatment. You, yourself, got involved by promising your daughter you would take care of her rescue dog every time she would go into treatment. And now that she finally did, it only took you 3 weeks to give up.

I think OP should hold her mother to her promise. Bailing out like this will be extremely unfair to OP, yes, but imagine how unfair would be to that sweet dog. Poor thing did nothing to deserve this treatment. OP would not be an a$$hole if she rehomed her dog because her own freaking mother just pulled out of a promise she made.

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Source: u/Impossible_Maybe

10. Rehoming her dog was not an option for OP because her family would start calling her a monster every time she would consider that.


11. OP’s therapist also gave her advice to let go of the dog.

12. Because her mother doesn’t want the dog to be sent to animal welfare, the counselor said OP should hold her mother to her promise.


13. OP rested her fate with the AITA community to know if what she did was right or not.

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Source: u/Impossible_Maybe

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

14. A person will only be seen as a sane person if they prioritize their health over anything else. Your health is the most important.


Via funyunm00n

15. This person called OP an AH for not looking after her dog or caring about its feelings.

Via Angelblade92

16. Both parties were declared wrong in their own ways—one for not caring for their dog correctly, the other for being straight-up terrible.


Via debdnow

17. The thought process behind OP getting a dog was that her mother would assist her with it. That did not happen.

Via adixmartin

18. Everything this person just said, I second with it.


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