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Mom Gets Told Off By Passenger After Her Toddler Kicked The Passenger’s Arm

Kicked Front Seat

We all make mistakes or errors, it is a very natural thing to do for anyone. If the behavior gets corrected on the spot allowing the accident or problem to not arise again, then I don’t anyone should have a problem with that first mistake. Whoever got negatively affected by it should be let go. But if it keeps on happening then it is not an accident, it is being done on purpose, and no efforts are being made to correct the issue. In this case, the person doing it should definitely be penalized.


Now that this distinguishment is understood, in today’s story we have a Redditor who shared she was traveling on a flight with her 15-month-old daughter who didn’t cause any issues for the most part. However in the last 10 minutes when OP’s daughter stretched out one of her legs slipped and hit the arm of a woman sitting in the front seat. It was an accident and OP quickly pulled her daughter and apologized to the woman.

The woman however decided to hold a grudge against OP for what her daughter did and even called her a bad parent. Scroll down below to read how it all went down!

Source: Reddit

1. Letting? If it made someone feel uncomfortable then it should be wrong. Let’s find out the details before deciding.

2. OP was taking a flight with her daughter. For the most part was asleep and it was really easy for her to manage her.

The other passengers must have praised OP’s daughter so much for being a well-behaved baby.


3. During the final few minutes, her daughter stretched and one of her legs slipped and hit the arm of the woman sitting on the seat in front of her.


4. OP quickly pulled her daughter’s leg away and apologized to the woman.


5. The woman went off on OP for not watching her child properly and accused her of allowing her daughter to kick people.


6. OP kept her cool and apologized to the woman once again. The woman started talking to other passengers about OP not being a good parent.


7. OP said it was a mistake and asked the AITA community if she was wrong in this situation or not.


8. OP wanted an independent opinion on this, which is why shared this story online.


OP was NTA. Not once did she ask her daughter to kick the woman sitting in front. In fact, she pulled her child away as soon as realized what had happened and didn’t spare a second to apologize to the woman. It was an accident that only happened once. That woman was wrong criticizing OP for being a terrible parent. There was no need. OP kept her cool so why couldn’t that woman?

Source: Reddit

Here’s what the AITA community had to say about this:

9. As I said, this was a one-time thing and OP made sure it didn’t happen again.


Via RedditDK2

10. That woman in front tried to create a scene, for no reason, out of nothing.


Via Personal-Yam-819

11. That is what I thought too but it was only a single kick…that too was caused by a slip.

Via Algebralovr

12. Accidents are a normal thing. They are not supposed to be made a fuss about.


Via Forward_Squirrel8879

13. The woman wanted to complain about something and she got her opportunity in the last 10 minutes of the flight.

Via Chelular07

14. There was no negative reinforcement. Case closed.


Via Queen_of_Meh1987

15. I think that is what she wanted OP to do…tie her daughter up.

Via angelaheidt

16. This was only a one-time thing. OP is never going to meet that woman again so this is something not to be worried about or keep in mind.


Via lilFireMermaid

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