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In-Laws Didn’t Like Daughter-In-Law Ordering A Giant Steak And Finishing It All

Ordered Giant Steak

Steak is one of the most delicious food items out there. I am of the opinion if you haven’t eaten a steak yet, you haven’t really enjoyed the true essence of what we call “food”. A lot of people love eating it. I have seen so many people individually munching down massive steaks that are usually cooked for two people. It is mostly because they either have a very fast metabolism or are just too hungry. Either way, no one is to be judged for eating as much steak as they want. And this goes for women too. Women can eat giant steaks too, it is absolutely normal because the same conditions apply to them as well. Unfortunately, though, this mother-in-law didn’t believe in women eating giant portions of steaks. She thinks it makes others uncomfortable and makes herself look disgusting.


Reddit user u/DragonflySouth4310 shared she has a fast metabolism and she got it from her family. She also does a lot of activity throughout the day which makes her have large meals to regain all the consumed energy. One time OP and her husband were called to a restaurant for dinner by her in-laws. OP hadn’t eaten anything since the morning and was starving so she ordered a giant steak that is normally cooked for two people. OP started eating and her mother-in-law started ranting about how it is making her father-in-law and brother-in-law uneasy, and that she would never be able to finish it.

OP finished her steak and was ready for dessert. That’s when MIL switched and demanded OP and her husband pay the entire bill, they had previously agreed to split the bill. OP refused to pay the entire bill and got called a major a$$hole for it.

OP shared the story on the infamous subreddit “Am I The A$$hole?” to know if refusing to pay the entire bill was right or not. Scroll down below to read how it all went down!

Source: u/DragonflySouth4310

1. A drama involving in-laws. This will be spicy.

2. OP’s relationship hasn’t been the best with her mother-in-law.

This is not something new. I have read and even experienced countless cases of in-law relations just not working out.


3. Because OP works a lot throughout her day and has a fast metabolism, she has to eat large meals to regain all her consumed energy.


4. One day OP and her husband got invited by her in-laws for dinner. OP was extremely hungry approaching the dinner.


5. So she decided to order a giant steak with heavy sides, a meal meant for two people.

She is extremely hungry and has a fast metabolism so I think she will down it all in no time…and would be ready for a heavy and delicious breakfast next morning.


6. MIL complained OP shouldn’t order the large steak because she won’t be able to finish it. She assured MIL she will eat it with ease.


7. And she did it. OP finished the entire steak with all the sides and still had room for dessert. This made MIL snap.


8. She accused OP of being an attention seeker for eating a giant steak with ease and said there is something wrong with her…all with a blend of pure misogyny.


She said what?! I actually cannot believe this. Calling someone an attention seeker for being hungry? This is an absolute joke. Also, this is the misogyny of the highest order that out of everyone, the male in-laws were feeling uneasy that a female was eating that much food. Wow, these in-laws are disgusting. I hope the steak was tasty and OP had great fun eating it.

Let’s see what happened next. Scroll down below to continue reading!

Off-topic: I really am craving a delicious medium-cooked T-Bone steak.

Source: u/DragonflySouth4310

9. The initial plan was to pay for your own mood but then MIL demanded OP and her husband pay all of it. What?!


10. OP obviously rejected and got termed as the ruiner of the family dinner.


11. Negative social media posts about their daughter-in-law eating a large steak? It was a cooked piece of meat, for god’s sake. The in-laws are taking it too far.

NTA. I don’t know why OP felt the need to ask this but in no way are you an a$$hole to eat what you want to it, especially when you are going to pay for it yourself. What OP’s in-laws did at that dinner was pathetic and I would highly discourage OP to stay near these people. They are toxic.

Source: u/DragonflySouth4310

Here’s what the AITA community members had to say about this:

12. You better have done that, OP.


Via JoeyShabadoo79

13. The way they chose to read it is because they had no brains. OP is in no way the AH.


Via Kris82868, DragonflySouth4310

14. As simple as that.

Via nerdygirlfire

15. Maintain your distance from these people. They won’t let you live your life the way you want, OP.


Via ImNiceOccasionally

16. That would be the best.

Via IllOutlandishness644

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