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Mother Wants Young Roommates To Babysit Her Kids, Gets A Reality Check

Roommates are supposed to be treated like roommates. Both parties are paying for the same space in equal amount so one cannot feel they are superior to the other. Unfortunately, though, entitled people exist so it can’t be said such a phenomenon of roommates feeling superior over one another doesn’t exist…It fully exists.


Reddit user u/SnooMachines2445 shared she and her partner live with a roommate who is a mother of four kids. The problem is that whenever the kids would be at home, they would make a big mess in the house. The dogs, both OP’s and the roommate’s, would also get involved. However, OP and her partner would always clean up after the dogs and the kids.

The mother, however, for some odd reason we do not know, decided to make an online post lying that OP and her partner never clean up and that it is unfair to make the kids clean the house. She also complained about OP and her partner not taking part in any house chores. When the couple came across this online post, they decided to stop cleaning up after the mother’s kids and dogs believing there is no point in doing so if the mother would keep defaming them like that.

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1. Let’s find out.

2. That is a lot of people OP and her partner live with.


3. OP and her partner mostly stay in their room and only go out on certain occasions.


4. The problem is the roommate’s kids, when they are home, literally destroy the house with toys and trash all over the place.


5. For some reason, the kids’ mother made an online post sharing that it is unfair that her kids have to clean up the mess dogs make. OP agreed that the dogs do make a mess, both her and the mother’s but the kids do it too.


6. She also complained that OP and her partner never cleaned up or did any house chores. OP fully disagreed with this.


7. The mother never said all of this directly to OP or her partner, instead she chose to let them know through her online post. OP and her husband mutually decided to stop cleaning up after her kids and her dog if this was the way they would get treated for it.


Terrible! That is all I can say about this mother while staying PG. They literally pick your dog’s sh*t from the kennel and clean up after the fuc*king mess that your kids make in the house and you are saying OP and her partner do nothing? This is hypocrisy on a new level. I am so mad at this woman right now. I am glad OP and her partner have stopped cleaning up now. Let’s see the mother face it. Let’s see her clean her own dog’s kennel and wind up the brilliant mess her kids make in the house.

Source: u/SnooMachines2445

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

8. There is literally no link whatsoever between these roommates. OP and her partner need to shift.


Via Dan040690

9. She wanted a cleaner for the dog and a babysitter for the kids. That is all she wanted.


Via elegantlyhere

10. Every reader ever!


Via Choice-Bee-hee-hee

11. As simple as that!

Via Naive_Dare4554

12. Imagine that mother and then her four kids…my god I don’t know how OP and her partner are surviving in that house.


Via Dangerous-Emu-7924

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