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8 Scary Stories From People Who Dodged Multi-Level Marketing Scams

Everyone wants to get rich quick.

That’s probably the reason, the internet is filled with ads about how they earned x amount of money in just a few days. While many have come to realize these are all just scam, others do get enticed by it.

After all, who doesn’t want to get rich without doing a lot of work? And being self-employed at the same time? It sounds like a great deal to me. However, it is a nightmare as shown by the following stories.

Well, I am sorry to say this but earning money requires hard work and you can’t get rich quickly. Other than winning the lottery of course. So the next time, a ‘great opportunity’ comes knocking at your door, just don’t open the door.

And following are all the reasons why you shouldn’t buy into these scams.

#1 So many people get sucked into these pyramid schemes and they regret it soon after.


#2 While I have never been in a pyramid scheme per se, I can relate to this.


#3 I think there is something else here with the boyfriend but its none of my business.


#4 They definitely need to be reported. This is just bad.


While an MLM by itself is awful, this just takes it to a whole new level. But sadly, this is very normal. Companies lying just so they can make a quick buck.

#5 Just because you say it’s not a pyramid scheme doesn’t make it true.


#6 Sounds like a fun time at first but you end up with empty pockets at the end.


#7 So were they gonna drive you then? truly disgusting.


#8 That is not female empowerment. Quite the opposite really.


Have you ever been sucked into an MLM scheme? If so how did you manage to get out? Or are you still in cahoots with an MLM but don’t how to get out? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so others can know about these scams as well.


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