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50 Things That Didn’t Need To Be Gendered But Are

Boys and girls are quite different.

It is as if they are different species. One likes the color pink, ballet, being feminine, and always smiling. While the other likes blue, can’t show emotions, and loves cars. No wonder there are so many arguments every day on the Internet between women and men. We are all so different and require different products for our needs. After all, it isn’t as if we are all humans and every individual has their own likes and dislikes. We just have to lump every person who identifies as a woman into one and the man into the other.


One would think that we left this sort of thinking in prehistoric times but there are still so many people in the world who are afraid their boy will turn into a girl if they eat a bar of chocolate wrapped in pink paper. I wish I was making this up but I am not. And you will get to see that first hand when you scroll on below and take a look at some of the weirdest and needlessly gendered products that exist out in the world. ‘What was the need for these?’ you ask? Well, that is for us to figure out ourselves.

#1 Did female dinosaurs not exist?

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#2 Sounds very straight indeed.

Via Possessed_Porcelain

#3 A toy shouldn’t be directly related to gender.

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#4 This is why women need men.

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#5 The poor boy just wanted chocolate.

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#6 To be fair, left elbows can get a bit drier than the right.

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#7 She isn’t wrong.

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#8 Who wouldn’t like to have a pocket knife?

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#9 Stop this sort of behavior.

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#10 Even elephants can’t escape this.

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#11 Male writer, see how weird that sounds?

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#12 Women apparently don’t have ankles.

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#13 Is it gay to touch your face?

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#14 They didn’t need to use so many words.

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#15 Throwing the husband seems like a good option here.

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#16 Now we are gatekeeping breast cancer?

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#17 Because smelling good is gay.

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#18 “Ta” in Estonian means He and She. Google is just translating it based on ‘context’.

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#19 Does she know that pink used to be for boys?


#20 This is known as the pink tax.

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#21 Now it is gay to see properly?

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#22 I have no idea what to even say to this.

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#23 Because why not make it pink?

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#24 If women use it, their teeth will fall out.


#25 It is an animal! And guys have butts as well.

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#26 If they use female pronouns, what is the confusion here?

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#27 Are we sure they are the same species?

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#28 Men are supposed to never shower.

Via youaredeadMAN

#29 Because men can only cook meat and drink beer.

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#30 This is why we have to lug around a purse all day.

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#31 Eating disorders only happen to women.

Via SassyTheSkydragon

#32 Just call it concealer.

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#33 Even drinks are now gendered? What has the world become?

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#34 They look so happy in their stereotypical roles as well.

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#35 Is this the Ministry of Magic?

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#36 Ah yes, The five genders.

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#37 Se*ualizing babies is perfectly okay.

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#38 Women can only care about their looks.

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#39 Sometimes you need a little reassurance.

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#40 Pink and low testosterone are scientifically related.

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#41 Makes a lot of sense.


#42 We all need to learn more about Vikings.

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#43 Because taking care of your child is gay.

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#44 Diets that only men can follow.

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#45 Whoa, They messed that one up.

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#46 Males don’t have eyelashes.

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#47 Men wear green while women wear red.

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#48 Washing your clothes is ‘feminine.’

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#49 Homophobia is expressed in the weirdest ways.

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#50 Why does everyone hate pink so much?

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Do you think some products need to be gendered? Let us know in the comments below.


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