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This Story About An Entitled Aunt At An Italian Restaurant Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Italian Restaurant Family Drama

Sometimes things don’t go your way. You just have to accept that and move on. This is the only policy for things to eventually happen your way; acceptance. However, the aunt in today’s story as shared by Reddit user u/ACCER1 just didn’t want to accept the fact that things don’t always happen in your favor and that there is a concept of other people saying no to you.


OP shared that after attending her great aunt’s funeral, OP’s aunt said they should all have dinner at an Italian restaurant she loved. OP and her parents along with the aunt, her husband, and her daughter got there. From the moment all six of them got seated, a comedy show started at their table till OP and her family dropped the aunt and her family at their home after dinner. The aunt kept trying to control what everyone would eat or drink. But no one would listen to her and this would keep agitating her. Her sole logic for demanding everyone do as she says was “because I said so”. No one bought it. The aunt kept screaming and yelling while everyone got to eat and drink what they wanted to.

Scroll down below to read this tale of “The Aunt and the Italian Restaurant”.

Source: u/ACCER1

1. This sounds like a title of a movie or a novel, I love it. Let’s dive in.

2. OP’s immediate family is a very normal family…nothing out of the blue happens which she thinks is boring.


3. That is why OP has never experienced family wars or screaming fits.


4. One day after attending the great aunt’s funeral, OP’s CA suggested they all go to this Italian restaurant that was her favorite. The unique thing about that restaurant was that they place flags on every table and if the flag is up, they will keep bringing dinner rolls and when it is down, they will stop.



5. All six of them including OP and her parents, CA, her husband PU, and their daughter Emily get seated.


6. It all started with the drinks. CA ordered for 5 people, don’t know who she didn’t order for but everyone had their own preferences.


7. OP ordered tea with no sugar which triggered CA. CA took control and ordered tea with sugar for OP and the waitress knew she had to bring what OP had said.


8. PU and Emily tried ordering Coke as well but because they only drink Pepsi, according to CA, she ordered sweet tea for her family.


9. Everyone got the drinks they requested and CA did not like that.


I like this CA. She is a proper character. She tried controlling what everyone drinks but failed.

10. Next up, she decided to control what everyone would have for dinner. She demanded everyone has veal. OP didn’t like it for her own respective reasons and she knew the moment she would say no to veal, CA would boil up.

11. OP’s parents also don’t eat veal after OP explained her reasons to them.


12. Because OP’s parents were financially capable of ordering whatever they wanted to eat, they decided to make independent orders for themselves and their daughter.

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OP and Mom got lasagne and not veal…The lasagne tasted good but I wonder what the taste of refusal was like for CA. Oh and also this was the third controlling move by CA and this time she failed. At least half of them ordered what they wanted but her side of the family is yet to order so let’s see.

13. After seeing OP and her parents order the food they wanted and not what CA wanted them to eat, PU boldened up and said he didn’t want to eat veal. This triggered CA.


14. CA and PU got into an argument.

15. PU was sick and tired of eating veal every time so he wanted to try something else but CA wanted him to eat veal only.


16. This is such a childish argument. As if a little son is debating with his mother.

17. PU pointed out to CA he always gets the veal because it is her favorite and she orders it for him. He had no love for Italian food from the beginning.


18. PU said he wanted lasagne. Emily jumped in and also wanted to eat the same.

19. CA controlled her daughter and ordered the waitress to bring her the veal.


20. It really did seem like a tennis match, this dialogue that just took place.

21. It is like a free comedy show for everyone at the restaurant to watch.


22. The food arrived and everyone got what they wanted. Another loss for CA but now a new drama started on the flag that if up, brings you dinner rolls, and if down, does not. PU put it up because he wanted some dinner rolls but CA would immediately put it down because she didn’t want PU to have dinner rolls.

Here we go!

Oh my goodness! This CA is a proper cartoon. I wonder how PU spent 20 years with this woman. First, it was the drinks, then it was the dinner order, and now the dinner rolls. What is wrong with her? Just let the people do and eat what they want. Her poky behavior is infuriating but what is happening in the restaurant as we read it is absolutely hilarious. As if she has a steal rode in her spine which doesn’t allow her to bend before anyone. Dude, just order your fu*king veal and feed on it. Let PU, Emily, and others live their life.

Let’s see what happened next. Scroll down below to continue reading.

Source: u/ACCER1

23. CA for some reason just didn’t want dinner rolls on the table. She even threw it back at the kid who brought them as he saw the flag up.

24. A new argument then started between CA and PU over dinner rolls. He wanted them. She didn’t want him to have them.

25. She brought it back to the veal. My god this woman.


26. The intervention by OP. So freaking hilarious! She is trying to get CA to her next edge and I love it.


27. No one is going to listen to you tonight, Mrs. PU.

28. It is safe to say CA is going to be a permanent laughing stock for everyone after this dinner.


29. While all of this was happening, a nice lady sitting near Emily at another table passed a basket of fresh bread for her.

30. Emily took a piece and passed the basket ahead as the bread got circulated among everyone. When PU got one, CA tried to grab his bread but he got to it first and shoved it all in his mouth.

31. The waitress came to check up on everyone. CA asked her to bring the check.


32. I am a fan of this family. Against CA’s decision once again, everyone mutually said they wanted dessert.

33. CA obviously rejected this and wanted to leave but she couldn’t because OP’s Dad said he drove them to the restaurant so he decides.

34. And a new argument started on transportation. I have to rate the diversity of topics.


35. CA wanted the car keys because they were in “her” state and everything in her state happens as per her will.

36. Dad poked some shots at CA that must’ve hurt.

37. Yet another instance of CA trying to control someone and failing at it. This time her own brother.


38. A beautiful tale of CA and the Italian Restaurant finally came to an end as OP’s father paid the bill, OP and her parents dropped PU’s family off, and went back to their hotel.

39. What happened when she turned three?

40. It was a genetic situation.


Source: u/ACCER1

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

41. CA needs to pursue a career in comedy. She will get an Oscar in no time.

Via Mr-Logan

42. That was the diss of the year.

Via angrilychewingllama

43. I hope she got a big tip from that table.


Via BadPom

44. That was the most hilarious part of the story. OP you have a great sense of humor.

Via SayToMeLP

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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