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Parents Wanted To See Daughter’s Medical Records Despite Her Not Giving Them The Consent

Daughter Medical Record

In today’s story, Reddit user u/TerrificMoose who is a doctor shared she once was treating a female patient with a pelvic infection. She was the best patient according to OP and she enjoyed treating her but the patient’s parents were terrible. They annoyed the hospital staff and made random, unabidable demands and requests every time they would come around.


The patient’s parents took things to the worst the mother got to know her daughter has a pelvic infection and she googled it. She discovered that out of many other reasons for it happening, one is “s*xually transmitted diseases. It is like having a light headache because you used your phone till 3 a.m. last night and the Google says you might have brain cancer.

The parents called the hospital liars and the diagnosis was wrong. Their daughter had already told OP to not give any of her medical details to her parents. So they were not given the reports even though they went to various stages to basically not prove that the diagnosis is wrong but to sl*t shame their daughter. A sad reality you will understand as you read the story.

Scroll down below to read how it all went down!

Source: u/TerrificMoose

1. If the story goes exactly the way this title reads, I am already disgusted with these parents.

2. OP, a doctor, shared the most difficult people to deal with in healthcare are family members of the patients.


3. OP understands this and tries to deal accordingly but the one experience she shared in today’s story was unlike any she had had before.


4. One time OP got a patient with a pelvic infection who had to stay at the hospital for treatment. She was a dream patient according to OP but her parents were exact opposite.


5. Every day when they would show up at the hospital, they would start bombarding nurses with all sorts of information and whatnot.


6. They also demanded they get an extra bed in OP’s room for her mother so she could spend the nights comfortably. A request that was politely refused because of COVID policy.


7. OP’s parents would also behave rudely with the student nurse appointed for OP. The main nurse had to move the student nurse to a different group of patients…that is how terribly they would treat them.


8. But when the doctors would pay visits, they would suddenly turn into the two sweetest human beings to ever exist on this planet.

Please can we all scream “hypocrisy” at this moment?


9. Their daughter was well familiar with this terrible behavior of her parents so she requested OP to not share any medical details about her treatment with them.


10. Things were going smoothly until the patient’s mother googled what a pelvic infection was. She found out that one of the reasons for it can be because of a s*xually transmitted disease she may have incurred.


11. The mother refused to accept the diagnosis and called it wrong.

12. They demanded to see their daughter’s medical records to prove the doctors were lying…or maybe to sl*t shame their daughter if the diagnosis was correct. Who knows…


So these parents are not concerned with their daughter getting treated for and recovering from a concerning infection, instead, they want to know if their daughter is a sl*t or not. Wow…just check out the priorities of these parents. The story fully followed the title and I am absolutely disgusted by these parents. Be it a pelvic infection or not, be it an infection created through an STD or not, their daughter requires treatment and that’s where the main focus should be. These conversations can take place later.

Dumb people get on my nerves very quickly as you guys can probably tell. Let’s see what happened next. Scroll down belwo to continue reading!

Source: u/TerrificMoose

13. Great job, OP! That’s exactly how it should’ve been done.

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14. However that was not the end of it as the next day the parents returned with legal documents that allowed them to see their daughter’s medical records.

Man, why are they so curious? They don’t want to prove the doctors wrong or anything, at this point it is about two things. Their ego and the fact that they fully want to sl*t shame their daughter.


15. Turns out the parents had lied to the lawyer who made those legal documents by saying their daughter still depends on them.

Now this is a crime that the parents can be penalized for.

16. They also got in a doctor to evaluate their daughter’s hym*n to see whether it is intact or not.

Are you guys reading this?


17. But as the doctor got close, the patient started screaming and yelling which allowed OP to interrupt and have them all escorted out of the hospital by the security.

18. So do I, they deserve to be punished for this.


Source: u/TerrificMoose

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

19. I was confused reading that part. My brain couldn’t process it. Disgusting parents!

Via YT_L0dgy

20. As soon as she gets out of the hospital, she needs to press charges against her parents.


Via Association_Upset

21. This Redditor suggested OP should disconnect from her parents and move somewhere else.

Via lady_k_77

22. I agree with every single word of this comment.


Via Joe4nna

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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