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20 ‘Karens’ Imposing Their Stupid Wrath Upon the World

There are also plenty of “Karens” in the modern world. Wherever you look, anywhere you go, or either time you open a social networking app, an elderly woman with cropped hair is delivering some unfortunate passerby or employee the What-For.

Why is this going to take place? Is this the case always? Have Karens long existed, and cellphones have only suddenly made them available? Or are there truly just more and more entitled a-holes around?

We don’t think there is a single appropriate reaction in this case; rather, it is probably a blend of all of them. Whatever the cause, we’ve brought a bunch of crazy Karens together for you to see as they vent their dumb fury on the world.

Check out these 10 selfish people that rode a gigantic foolish wave of hubris for more examples of privileged kids around the globe. Make sure you watch it till the end otherwise, you are going to miss a lot of fun. We are sure you are going to love it!

1. Congratulations you might have to twitch your eyes to see this

Via u/mahelke

2. When Karens become pain in the foot they leave these type of letters

Via u/ibiza54

3. *gasp* imagine having the audacity to walk barefoot in your own apartment


Via u/AddieStark

  4. When you get triggered by a nine year old lol


Via u/Upbeat-Head-3363

5. Karen wants to get rid of the 5-year-old child of her fiancé.

Cheezburger Image 9705372416


Via u/Tatarkingdom

6. What a Karen you are plus this is hilarious


Via u/TheAstronomer

7. This is how you get owned by your own boss, Karen fails.

Cheezburger Image 9705372928


Via u/defeatedpark

8. Kelly the next-door Karen


Via karensinthewild

9. Working at a pizza place would be full of fun when you encounter Karen like these every day


Via u/SciFiLOL

10. Concerned citizens be like this

Cheezburger Image 9705374976


Via psuedon

Are you tired of scrolling yet? We know you are not how can you be? Because these Karen stories are too funny and dumb to exist. So what are you waiting for folks? Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you watch it till the end.

11. My Mil locked me out of waow

Via u/stalecrabcakes


Cheezburger Image 9705375488


Via u/MalfunctioningMormon

 13. Lets your kids use a phone while watching a movie; they become unhappy when they are asked to leave.

Cheezburger Image 9705375744

Via u/beemo_wisdom

14. There’s a lot of drama in people’s lives and it is hilarious to read


Via u/OutcomeDoubtfu

15.  It was Hunt’s, not Heinz lol

Via u/jpdickey

16. They sold us a nice bed but two years later lol

Cheezburger Image 9705377024


Via u/douchebaggery_

17. That’s like a dollar an hour

Cheezburger Image 9705377280

Via u/jpdickey

18. I want to make extra 200 dollars


Via u/neotheprophe

Aren’t these posts too hilarious and stupid? Karens are everywhere we just have to spot them and make them know not everything can be done according to you.

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