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These Mad Lads Just Want To See The World Burn

Not everyone can be a mad lad.

It isn’t something you are taught. It is a particular trait that you are born with. What is a mad lad you may ask? Well, it’s a person who just wants to see the world burn and will do anything to prove they are an insane person. A person who thinks outside the box and dares to do what has never been done before.

And while the name mad lad may infer it is always a dude, that is not correct. Whatever your gender, you can be a mad lad if you so want. So that is why we have some of the best people whoa re great at annoying others by just being their fearless selves. Scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

#1 This was the best way she could prove her point since they weren’t listening.


Via Nazikiller

#2 Pokimane definitely didn’t expect this when she wrote that tweet.

Via johnreese421

#3 It is honestly the tutor’s fault.

Via fanforbrothers

I’m a woman in grad school. I forgot about my zoom class so I just threw a cardigan on over my tank top and buttoned it up so I looked fine from the waist up.

My cat started hollering behind me and was really distracting while I was trying to talk so I got up to get her, and totally forgot about my clothing choices. Oh yeah, the whole class and professor got to see my cat printed underwear. –anthroarcha

#4 They did what was asked of them.

Via diddlydiddly99

#5 Do they know something we don’t? Maybe they filled the hole with bodies?

Via thekingofwombats

#6 Your weekend plans sound really fun.


#7 Damn, Even I am starting to feel old and I am half his age.

Via DananaBananah

Harry and Marv break into his house once more. He’s 40. He’s got guns. His best friend is John Wick. And they’re out for revenge. Macaulay Culkin in: John Wick and Kevin McCallister: badass, bad cop. –BenGamez

#8 I can’t believe the national geographic feel for this.

Via QualityJobbiePolis

#9 This person is on another level!

Via NixxArt

#10 The best and the only way to confuse your audiences worldwide.

Via blastoise327

#11 Is it bad that I only understood a quarter of what was said?

Via PeridotUniverse123

#12 How did nobody figure this one out?

Via Jetty_Boy

#13 That is some quick thinking on the Uncles part.

Via wannabenewyorker

#14 No need to raise your insurance premium.

Via grove4lyf

#15 Now, I desperately want to try this.

Via TemporarilyStupid

#16 That is a legit question that flat earthers need to answer.

Via DearFeeling5

#17 It seems you got your wish.

Via jayconyoutube

#18 He was just trying to help her draw it perfectly.

Via monalisasbf

Have you ever done something that would land you in the mad lad hall of fame? if so why not let us know in the comments below? And don’t forget to share so others can marvel at these mad lads and their fearlessness.


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