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Mother Didn’t Like That Son Told His Girlfriend About His Parents’ Divorce

Told GF why parent divorced

When you decide you want to be in a long-term relationship with your partner and potentially get married to them, it is important that both halves get to know everything about each other. Marriage is a big decision and there is a lot that goes into it, one part of it is truthfulness. You have to be true to your partner about your present, your future plan, and especially about your past.


In today’s story, Reddit user u/mebunghole who has plans to pursue a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, decided to tell everything about himself and his family to her. OP’s history included a person about his father getting divorced twice. OP shared all of this with his girlfriend. Other than the fact that he wanted his girlfriend to be on the same page as him, OP told all of this to his girlfriend because her parents had also gotten divorced when she was a baby and she had told all about it to him.

OP’s mother, however, did not like this. She felt bad that OP told all of this to his girlfriend even though she had told him not to do so. Upon confrontation, OP told his mother he totally forgot about that talk. The story was taken to the courts of the subreddit “Am I The A$$hole?” by OP to know if what he did was wrong or not.

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Source: u/mebunghole

1. if the plan is to go long term then I don’t see a fault in it. Let’s read and find out.

2. OP told his girlfriend of 6 months about his parents’ divorce.


3. The girlfriend’s parents also divorced when she was only a baby based on the mother’s suspicion of her husband cheating on her.


4. OP’s father had gotten divorced twice. OP told all the details about the divorce to his girlfriend.


5. OP’s mother had told him not to mention anything about the divorce to his girlfriend but he had forgotten about that talk.


6. OP felt right telling his girlfriend about his parents’ divorce because she told him about her parents’ divorce.


I think this is justified. Imagine if this is the girl OP decides to marry. The two must know everything about each other’s families. The parents getting divorced is part of the past and the past is to be mentioned for better decision-making. I don’t see any issue here. In fact, this is good. After knowing everything about OP and his family, if the girl still accepts him then the foundation of their relationship is going to get really strong.

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Source: u/mebunghole

7. This is it! If you are considering a long-term relationship with your partner, both parties must know everything about each other.


8. OP’s mother got really angry when she found out he had told everything to his wife. His response simply was that he forgot she had told him to keep the divorce a secret.


9. The conversation with his mother made OP pose the big question before the AITA community members; is he wrong for telling his girlfriend about his parents’ divorce?


Source: u/mebunghole

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

10. The family history has to be brought up.


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11. To build a strong base for a relationship, you have to be truthful to your partner. That is exactly what OP did.

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12. In your own relationship, you get to decide what sort of information you should provide your partner and what not. The mother had nothing to do with this.


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13. A girlfriend you wish to marry.

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14. Your parents won’t be a part of your relationship so what they say doesn’t matter but because they are a part of your history, your girlfriend deserves to know all about that history.


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