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Neighbors Demand £1,600 From Person Whose Cat Broke Into Their New House And Destroyed The Renovations

Cat stuck neighbors house

Pet owners should take full responsibility for their pets. Where they are, where they are going, and what are they doing, a pet owner should be on top of all this information. If not, they would referred to as a terrible person in general.


In today’s story, we touch upon this topic. Reddit user Catsos shared his cat likes to run out of the house and break into other neighbors’ houses to steal their pets’s food. This is a habit OP has not worked on to change it. Because of this, one time his cat broke into a house that had a smart cat flap that would only open from the inside when it senses the correct microchip. This is why OP’s cat couldn’t get out and got stuck in there. The neighbors were yet to move in and the house was being renovated so no one was in the house. The cat ended up being released after 48 hours and it had made a lot of mess inside too.

When the neighbors got to know about this, OP thought they wouldn’t make any ridiculous demands to have everything replaced as they had cats too but they ended up demanding £1,600 for the damages his cat had done to their property.

Scroll down below to read how it all went down!

Source: Catsos

1. What made OP want to break into his neighbor’s house? Let’s find out.

2. OP has a cat who is very well known for breaking into its neighbors’ houses to steal their pets’ food.


3. OP has given up on changing this habit because no matter what he tries, the cat still does the same.

After all, cats are superior to us. They decide how our lives move so how could OP possibly even think he could’ve changed his cat’s habit? Just some light comedy.


4. One time OP’s cat went missing for over 24 hours. He went outside to look for him and found him inside a neighbor’s house.


5. The neighbors were yet to move into this house as it was being renovated after the purchase. They had cats so OP assumed they must’ve installed a cat flap which his cat used to break in.


6. But what confused OP was why didn’t his cat return after munching on the food. So he decided to examine the neighbor’s cat flap.


7. Turns out it was one of those cat flaps that open from the inside only when they sense the correct microchip. So the cat had basically locked itself inside.


8. OP also spotted his cat’s muddy feet on one of the newly painted walls. The trouble, I can sense it coming.


9. Uh ho? The cat may starve…this is a genuine issue.


10. OP must do something about this…The situation is not healthy for the cat.


11. No one in the neighborhood had access to those neighbors so OP just couldn’t manage to contact them.

12. Because it was a bank holiday on that day, OP couldn’t contact the estate agent whom the neighbors had dealt with to get the house.


13. Concerned, OP asked for genuine advice regarding whether he should break into the house to get his cat and later inform the new neighbors about what had happened.

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14. But he could sense that would result in a terrible relationship between them.


This is a critical situation but if you do evaluate it critically, you will realize that this situation would have never occurred had OP been a responsible cat owner. My guy realized only after 24 whole hours had passed away that his cat was not home. What sort of a parent is he? Because of this now his cat is sitting inside a house that he cannot get out of, probably starving like crazy.

I mean, in such a situation yes he should try to break into the house because there is no way he can find to approach the house owners. But I would say OP is being unreasonable here because this occurrence of this situation is to be blamed entirely on him.

Source: Catsos

Here is some advice OP received from the internet:

15. That is a very good advice. Can work as the cat would see OP and would rush towards him. Doable!

Via Wakeywake

16. It would be better to break in than to pay a heavy fine to your neighbors because of the destruction your cat caused in the house.


Via RedLem0nade

17. The police may be able to help OP rescue his cat.

Via CaroleSinger

Two days later OP shared an update on the situation:

18. When the builders returned on duty, OP’s cat was finally released from the house after 48 long hours.


19. Because the new neighbors also had cats, OP thought the damage his cat had done to the house would be ignored by them in good spirits.

20. But he was very wrong. The new neighbors demanded £1,600 from OP for the damages his cat had done to the house.


21. The cat had peed on a rug and some of the laminated floor which they said would take £1,200 to replace.

22. OP did offer to pay for a professional rug cleaner but they rejected it.


23. The rest of it was going to go into repainting the walls…

24. …the windows…

25. …and to replace the bathroom window through which OP supplied food to his cat.

26. OP believed their demand was unfairly high so he asked the internet to know if his beliefs were correct or not.


Source: Catsos

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

26. This person said the demand was too high. The repairs would never cost that much.


Via Pink39tree

27. However, to this person the amount seemed fair.

Via ToastyCrumpets

28. OP was irresponsible in the first place. He will now have to face the consequences of his actions.


Via OhhhhhhhhBiscuits

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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Cat tax.

“Someone is awfully pleased with herself after charming the pants off everyone on her first vet visit.”


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