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Drama Ensued As Bride Noticed Her Nephew Wearing White Despite Her Informing The Guests Not To Do So

Cant Wear White

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. It is the day the two tie the knot to live together forever as each other’s completing halves. If something bad happens on a couple’s wedding day, no one ever forgets it. You can say this is a con of making wedding days so important.


In today’s story, we will be attending the wedding of Reddit user u/LifeTraining3452 where an event took place that made his wife cry uncontrollably. OP shared his wife had made it very clear to all the guests that no one should wear white to the wedding. But she noticed at the reception, their nephew was wearing white jeans. OP’s wife rushed to the bathroom and started crying. Not knowing why she got upset suddenly he ran after her to the bathroom. When she revealed to him the reason for her crying, he told her that her reaction was a bit over the top.

Once he managed to have her regroup herself and continue with the event, something even more terrible happened as OP’s sister came up to him and told him his wife had just asked the nephew and his mother to leave the wedding.

The heated confrontation between the husband and wife after this happened is for you guys to read and enjoy. Scroll down below to know how it all went down!

Source: u/LifeTraining3452

1. Let’s see what did the wife do on their big day.

2. For the wedding day OP’s wife had strictly informed all guests not to wear anything white.


3. While the reception was going on smoothly, OP noticed suddenly his wife got up and excused herself to the bathroom.


4. OP knew instantly something was wrong.


5. OP hurriedly followed his wife to the bathroom.


6. When she opened the door of the bathroom, OP saw his wife had been crying like a baby.


7. When OP asked what was going on she revealed that one of their nephews was wearing white jeans.


8. OP told his wife she had overreacted but in a way that allowed regroup and rejoin the event to enjoy the rest of it.


9. However, a while later OP noticed his wife was having a conversation with the nephew’s mother. Turns out she had asked the mother and the nephew to leave the wedding.


What is your wife on, OP? This much insecurity and that too from a child? My god, this woman needs to pull herself together. She started crying because a kid at her wedding was wearing white colored clothes. This makes me want to believe she was literally of the thought that the kid was trying to compete with her. This is so terrible. OP reacted very nicely to the situation but the fact that now she has asked the kid and his mother to leave, she should be confronted with full force.

They are guests at your wedding woman…and it is just a freaking color. If she thinks the color of the outfit of a guest at her wedding will define her luck, then she has a lot to learn.

Let’s see what happens next. Scroll down below to continue reading!

Source: u/LifeTraining3452

10. OP’s wife told him she did the right thing and this really made him angry.


11. When OP confronted her, the wife started crying saying she didn’t want her day to be ruined by their nephew.

12. OP called his wife selfish and insecure on her face.


13. OP and his wife have not spoken since that event took place.

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14. OP is confident that he is correct in this situation but he still asked the AITA community for their viewpoint.


Source: u/LifeTraining3452

Here’s what the AITA community had to say about this:

15. No need to apologize because that will set a terrible standard moving forward. She is mature enough to get married, this behavior just doesn’t suit her.

Via wolfcat87

16. A 6-year-old’s outfit made her cry. OP, your wife requires treatment.


Via Penguin_Doctor

17. For some very odd reason, this comment has a very nice ring to it…It is like a cute poem containing a very daunting message within.

Via friedonionscent

18. OP got advice to nullify his marriage because he only found out on his wedding day that his wife is a psychopath.


Via fubar_68

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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