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Neighbor’s Kid Entered A Gathering He Wasn’t Invited To Because Of His Behaviour

Child Joins Gathering

When parents allow their children to run around, they don’t understand how big of a mistake they are actually making. These parents don’t teach their kids what “no” means and allow them to do whatever they want, to go wherever they want. Such kids, when they grow up, get tangled with the wrong strangers and end up ruining their own futures. I would actually blame their parents for this because they did not build an accurate sense of their child.


In today’s story, we see a similar case that I really hope will be correct the parents don’t want their child to ruin his life when he grows up. Reddit user u/norajeangraves shared there are neighbors in her apartment complex who have allowed their son to do whatever the h*ck he wants. So he chose to exploit and invade everyone’s privacy in the complex. The kid would run around like a headless chicken trying to listen to anyone who is making a private conversation, crying to literally get whatever he wants, and so on. OP really disliked the kid for this reason. One time while holding a family gathering on Memorial Day, OP noticed the kid had welcomed himself there as well but OP finally decided to speak and told him to return back to his apartment as he was not invited to the event.

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Source: u/norajeangraves

1. Uninvited guests are the worst and this is a kid as well…let’s see how this went down!

2. There’s a kid in OP’s apartment complex whose behavior she absolutely hates. The kid feels entitled to do such things because his mother doesn’t stop him.


3. While biking in the neighborhood, the kid’s aggressive riding almost always makes her kids fall or get hurt somehow.


4. Whenever OP would hang out with her adult friends, she would notice the kid trying to listen to their conversations.


5. Even inside her own apartment, OP has to shut the windows because trying to make conversation with her children because that kid tries to keep his ears on that as well, sitting outside.

Where does this kid take all that data, I am genuinely curious to know.


6. Even at a family gathering while everyone along with OP was having fun on Memorial Day, the kid managed to get in to participate in the gathering. This time, OP didn’t let him. She told the kid to go back to where he came from.


NTA! This is not even an AITA story, to be honest. If anything, the only AHs in this story are that terrible, has-no-regard-for-privacy kid and his mother. This sort of behavior is only being reinforced by his mother. He will not stop until his own parents tell him to, otherwise, this will keep happening.

I would say OP leave this complex and move elsewhere but this is an option that would cost her a lot. A better solution is for all neighbors to get together if they all have a problem with this kid, and file a complaint against him and his mother. Surely the agents will come up with a worthwhile solution.

Source: u/norajeangraves

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

7. The kid has to be taught the definition of “no” and what to do if someone tells him that.


Via UnderArmAussie

8. The kid is trying to fetch the attention he requires that he was ideally supposed to get from his parents and other family.


Via bloomingpoppies

9. People can’t just invite themselves to private gatherings. Nope, not happening.



Via generosa26, norajeangraves

10. If his parents won’t do it, someone else will have to.

Via Obrina98

11. Let the kid realize what he is doing is not correct.


Via Aggravating-Pin-8845

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