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Sister Demands Brother’s Halfway Pregnant Wife Leave The Big Room So She Can Stay There

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Reddit user u/britty-bird shared he along with his halfway-pregnant wife went to stay at his family’s house for 6 months. Because his wife was so pregnant, they decided to give the couple the biggest guest room in the house so there was no hazard of any slip or trip.


This was not liked by OP’s sister who also decided to show up at the house to stay for one night. Because that was her old room, she demanded she and her boyfriend stay there and wanted OP and his wife to move out. OP refused to do that. The very next day, out of nowhere, the sister announced she was also one month into her pregnancy. She blamed her family by saying they were prioritizing one pregnant woman over the other.

OP’s sister also said his wife stole her light, and that because of her she couldn’t properly announce her pregnancy. OP shared the story with the community members of the subreddit “Am I The A$$hole?” to know if not giving the room to his sister was the right thing or not.

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Source: u/britty-bird

1. I think we need more details than just the title to decide on this one. Let’s jump in.

2. OP and his wife went to stay with the family. They had planned to stay for 6 months and were given the largest guest room.


3. To protect OP’s wife from potential falls or slips because she was halfway pregnant at the time, the family had decided to give them the larger room.


4. OP’s sister also decided to show up with her boyfriend to stay one night. Cool!


5. But the moment she got to know OP and his wife were given the biggest room, she started demanding it.


6. OP simply said no.


OP’s sister is so insensitive. His wife is halfway pregnant and she wanted him to wake her up, tell her they had been kicked out, and move out. Sorry woman but your own family gave that room to his wife to rest well. It was your old room but now it isn’t. You are not entitled to something that you left.

Let’s see what happened next. Scroll down below to continue reading!

Source: u/britty-bird

7. The next morning suddenly OP’s sister announced she was one month pregnant.


8. She also blamed OP’s wife for stealing her moment.

OP asked the AITA community members if he was wrong for saying no to his sister having the big room or not.


9. I feel really sorry for OP and his wife…but what sort of demand is that made by his sister? I am confused.


I have a theory. OP’s sister lied about being pregnant to get the bigger guest room. My theory gets by the demand she made as shared by OP in the update. As soon as she got the news about OP and his wife having a miscarriage, she said she wanted an abortion. She wanted to get out of the situation she created so she was going to end the whole pregnancy situation by having a fake abortion and being done with the whole scene.

Source: u/britty-bird

Here’s what the AITA community members had to say about this:

10. She may have lied about being pregnant to get the room.


Via Specific-Succotash-8

11. I know right…that woman was 4.5 months pregnant but no, the sister wants the bigger bed!

Via LoveBeach8

12. I believe OP realizes that very well.


Via Imaginary_Being1949

13. Her demand was completely irrational.

Via ViolaVetch75

14. The family needs to stop babysitting this terrible woman.


Via DCONightingale

15. She would never because she was lying.

Via WhatAboutBob7419

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