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Father In Law Makes A Bad Joke About Daughter In Law’s Past, She Embarrasses Her Like A Champion

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We all have a past. Some of us are very satisfied with it while others who made their own choices, want to move on from it because they feel they are living a better life now. In both cases, a third person must respect your choices. If you did something in your past that you didn’t have your heart but did out of a no-other-option situation, then you shouldn’t be unhappy about it as long as you understand the decision you took and have moved on from it.


Reddit user u/Exciting_Stick_2674 shared that she used to be a ho*ker for 5 years from the age of 18 to 23. She did it to finance her education and keep her monthly financial system running. She was totally fine with it. Her decision should definitely be respected. At the age of 25, she met the love of her life and by then she had stopped doing it. She had fully moved on. However, this news about her being a ho*ker in the past got leaked to her in-laws. She came clean to them about it and OP’s fiance supported her. But her in-laws, especially her father-in-law didn’t. One day, and this after she got pregnant with her fiance, OP’s father-in-law cracked a joke about no one knowing whose baby was inside her because no one would know.

Although OP could’ve taken this to heart and started crying, playing a defense card, instead she chose to play the game like a champion embarrassing her father-in-law in a beautiful way. Now how she embarrasses her father-in-law in front of family and friends is something for you guys to read and enjoy!

Scroll down below to find out!

Source: u/Exciting_Stick_2674

1. Family drama ensued over a joke that backfired.

2. OP worked as an escort (using her own words) for 5 years to finance her expenses as well as education.  She met her fiance 2 years after being done with it.


3. After about 3 months of dating her boyfriend, OP’s brother-in-law found out about her past so she came clean in front of his whole family.

The fact that OP did come clean and let everyone on the truth about her past shows that she is extremely serious about taking things forward with her partner.


4. Ever since OP came clean her MIL and in-law aunts would keep taunting her indirectly about being a ho*ker in the past.


5. However whenever such a situation would come up, OP’s partner would always support her.


6. Time passed as OP got proposed by her partner and the couple announced their pregnancy. The news was welcomed by her fiance’s sister and brother but MIL wanted to double-check if the baby really was her son’s.

The mother literally begged OP to know if the child was her son’s. I literally cannot believe this. Let the woman move forward, god d*mn!


7. After getting the assurance the mother made a fake speech to cheer OP up by saying she is happy for her.


8. One day while at her in-law’s for a family get-together where both the family and friends were present, everyone was having a cute discussion over the baby’s name and its possible features.


9. During the fluent interaction and chit-chat, FIL cracked “the joke”.

This is a direct insult to OP about being a ho*ker in the past. OP’s father-in-law said there is a possibility the baby could be anyone, his own, his brother’s, or actually his son’s (OP’s fiance). He is saying he may have potentially impregnated OP himself. My god, this is disgusting!


Are you guys reading this? This man is OP’s father-in-law. A father figure saying that about his daughter? I am so disappointed. This is something beyond disrespectful and makes me feel ashamed as a man because this is how terribly people of this mentality are ruining our reputation in the community. Awful!

And I am really curious to know what is the stand of FIL’s wife on this. Man if that woman doesn’t stand against this then she too is as equal an a$$hole as her husband is. The family is rotten and I am sad and angry!

Source: u/Exciting_Stick_2674

10. Before her angry fiance got intervened, OP simply said she didn’t get the joke and asked her FIL to explain it to her. The embarrassment began showing on his face.


11. She repeated herself and that’s when FIL’s friends said it wasn’t nice of him to say that. He left the gathering.

12. OP’s in-laws called her an AH, especially her BIL who said she shouldn’t have embarrassed his father like that.


Source: u/Exciting_Stick_2674

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

13. And they want her feel to bad about it? In no way is that going to happen.

Via MiruTheSloth

14. Everyone who is supporting FIL or enjoyed the joke should apologize to OP.


Via Old_Mintie

15. FIL’s behavior in no book of ethics is acceptable. OP is NTA and does not need to apologize.

Via JenL010

16. He will definitely have to think twice if he does something like this again because he will be reminded of the horrors he had to face the last time he did it…which was this!


Via gkmdc9

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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