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Hilarious Cooking Fails Proving That Cooking Is Not For Everyone

If you want to see people failing miserably at cooking and making something remotely edible, then you have come to the right place. These people not only destroyed and butchered the meaning of creating a recipe but also added their little twist of disaster into it to make it go horribly wrong. These food items look so horrible that you would never want to take a nibble of it, and I think I can say this with the assurance that none of these people in actual life dared to try their sometimes semi-burned, full of weird flavors and absolutely disgusting food. But if they did do that, then kudos to each and every one of you!


If I was served these horrible food items, I would not have thought twice before gagging and refusing immediately, which I am sure is the criticism you were waiting for. However, I just urge you to take it positively and try to pay more attention to the recipes, and the fire and the time, basically everything to be able to make a proper dish. Some people like to cook for peace and find solace in it, however, people who are literally cooking for satan know better than to serve such items!

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1. When your apple breaks the law!

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2. The message is sent across!

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3. The new ever technique of boiling an egg!

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4. Exactly how I feel after seeing this banana bread…

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5. The dough wanted some air!

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6. When you are way too passionate about cutting!

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7. That did not turn out very well…

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8. When the excitement about pie ends as soon as it begins!

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9. This cake could really give some a scare!

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10. Putting colours in the jelly did not go as expected!

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11. The intention behind this cake is what matters only!

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12. When flower pancakes just suddenly turn into something it’s not!

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13. Bewitched pie!

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14. Culture theme just never works for me!

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15. The familiarity is uncanny!

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16. Spent an hour finding the spoon…

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17. Was waiting for my broth to boil until…

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18. Please tell me they look like strawberry cheesecake cats… Please!

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19. Tried to fry the sweet potato, probably didn’t go well!

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20. The best burnt Turkey you will ever eat…

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These fails look absolutely horrible, these chefs and the people who ‘tried’ to make something failed terribly. These people do not know how to cook, yet they tried their best (I think). These foods do not even look edible however these people are making the most of the situation and still laughing about it on the internet. These food were absolutely horrible to even look at, none of them even looked appetizing, which is what makes it even more hilarious. They are probably the most undesirable and unsought foods of all time and people are loving them.

It can also be said that cooking can be a relaxing activity to some, while some just literally took their stress out on these recipes and made huge blunders that resulted in these inexplainable disasters that they are calling their dishes now. Have you ever had a similar experience? I have, too! There is no harm in accepting when you are wrong. Anyways, let us know what you thought about this article in the comment section.


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