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Woman Refuses To Let Her Mother Meet Her Grandchild

Mother bad relation

Family problems! They exist everywhere and no one can ever say they have a perfect family that never has any issues or doesn’t fights. You are practically lying if you say so. A similar kind of family is where Reddit user u/Morosa3 comes from. She got pregnant with her first-ever child and is extremely excited. She loves her partner and both are happily waiting for their baby to arrive. But OP’s mother and her stepfather do not like OP’s partner and always disrespect him, make him feel inferior, and have never acknowledged him as their daughter’s partner.


So OP decided if her parents cannot support those who she loves, she must cut all ties with them. OP told her mother she will not be allowed to meet her baby when it arrives and to stay as away from them as possible, OP and her partner decided they will moving away really far.

The mother did not take this news well and sort of became a psychopath referring to OP’s unborn child as her own. The story comes with three added updates over the course of 8 months in which the mother keeps making attempts to meet the baby. It is going to be a long one but the drama is definitely going to keep engaged and intact to your seats till the very end.

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Source: u/Morosa3

1. A family drama over a child. Will be interesting.

2. OP and her partner had always been treated terribly by her mother and her stepfather ever since she got pregnant with her first child.


If that taunt about knocking her up came from OP’s mother, I am already so angry at this woman. She is her biological mother, It doesn’t suit any moter to say things like that about your own freaking daughter.

3. This is full-on ab*se. OP decided to cut contact with her parents after they continuously and with full commitment kept harassing her partner.


4. Seems like this family, if they stay together, would be a bad influence on the to-be-born.


5. Because they have no respect for her partner, OP doesn’t want her parents to see her baby when it comes to the world.


6. OP sent a detailed email to her mother explaining why she has decided to cut ties with her and her stepdad. And that she won’t be seeing her grandchild.


7. The couple also decided to move away really far from them. This message angered OP’s mother who showed up at their house late at night but got told to go away.

The mother couldn’t believe she had been told she won’t get to see her grandchild…ever.


8. Over the next few months they would have basic conversations over random technical issues her mom would face and OP would respond accordingly…but no emotional interaction.


9. OP’s cousin had a baby shower and her invite was accidentally sent to the mother’s house. The mother came to OP’s after a very long time, they had some chit chat but the base reality remained the same…the defined boundaries were still there.


10. Then one day OP randomly received a video from her mother showing how she had redecorated her entire guestroom into a nursery.


11. In the video she was showing her excitement for the baby-to-come and was constantly regarding it as “her” baby and not her daughter’s.

12. This really confused OP so she called her mother to remind her nothing has changed, they are still moving away and she won’t get to see the baby.


13. The confusion made OP think all sorts of things. What was the mother really planning to do?

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Source: u/Morosa3

14. About 3 months later, OP shared the first update on the situation.


15. OP finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and they had been quarantined from the second she was born.

16. OP’s mother was upset that she didn’t get invited to be present during the time of birth but she congratulated her daughter. She was also allowed by her daughter to see the baby 1 time only.

This was a decision made after consultation with her husband and a lawyer.


17. No touching. No holding. Just viewing. The mom said she would let OP know when she is available but for a week she hasn’t responded.

18. Then randomly one morning OP received a voicemail from her mother telling her to go on a resort vacation.


19. A very off request given all these pointers listed below that OP had in her mind. Yet another confusing thing was done by the mother.


20. OP ignored the offer and chose not to get manipulated by whatever her mother was cooking. All OP knew was she gave her mother a chance to meet her baby and the mother didn’t take it.

I seriously do not get it. What is wrong with this mother? I genuinely think there is some mental issue going on, the way she has been claiming from the very start that the baby belongs to her even though it was yet to arrive. And the way she renovated her entire guest room into a nursery spending tons of money on it. Only a person who truly believes they are about to have a baby would do such a thing but this mother is not having a baby, her daughter is.

Secondly, her refusing to meet the baby without touching or holding is totally her loss. When the boundaries were announced, they must be respected. The mother shouldn’t have disrespected OP’s partner in the first place. Now OP is simply being loyal to her partner. If the mother feels hurt because of it, she must deal with it herself.

Let’s see what happened next in this drama. Scroll down below to continue reading!

Source: u/Morosa3

21. Within a week a second update to the original story came in. We are getting it all.


22. The mother called again expressing her desperation to meet and touch the baby. OP refused but gave her a shot to meet the baby but only through a window.

23. And she refused. The couple was going to leave in a matter of weeks and OP’s mother didn’t avail the meet-through-the-window opportunity.

24. OP simply told her mother there is no other chance for her to meet the baby unless the baby herself chooses to approach her grandma when she turns 18. OP blocked her mom’s number.

Source: u/Morosa3

25. The third final update was shared by OP six months after she had blocked her mother’s phone number. Let’s see what has happened since then.


26. Although OP and her mother do not talk anymore, her mother still finds ways to nose into her daughter’s family life.


27. OP shared she and her husband both come from families that do not believe in getting children vaccinated.

28. It was easy for OP’s parents to lie and hide everything from their pediatrician because her mother had had a home birth in her case.


29. But in the case of their own daughter, OP and her partner’s view on this whole vaccine situation changed.

30. The couple decided to get vaccinated for COVID and also planned to get their daughter vaccinated accordingly as per the need of her age.

31. They got their daughter vaccinated and she took it well.


32. But the news spread out in the family about the couple getting their daughter vaccinated.

33. OP’s mother, on the phone, absolutely slashed her for doing what she did, literally saying that their daughter will now pass away because she has been vaccinated.

34. Man, this mom manages to get involved in everything OP does. Leave her the f*ck alone, please?


35. Thankfully OP’s MIL supported this decision which reassured OP and her husband a bit.

36. Unacceptable! What this mother is saying is absolutely unacceptable.

37. Nothing happened to the daughter. The mother needs to chill. And OP needs to stop calling that woman her mother. End of the story!


Source: u/Morosa3

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

38. Keep good lawyers around you protecting yourself and your family all the time.

Via lala0073

39. A solid advice! OP should record every conversation she has with her mother to keep a trail.

Via alialena

40. The mother’s own bubble of entitlement. That’s the realm!


Via Ali-Vega

41. She needs to be admitted to a mental hospital.

Via cora-sn

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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