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These People Lied Online And Got Called Out For It

Intellectually some people never truly graduate their high schools. These poor souls seem to have a hard time accepting they are not the center of everyone’s world. So, they lie. Internet provides them with the platform to quench their thirst of attention and validation.


Fortunately for some of these adult-teenagers, they make a profession out of it by publishing half, false and fabricated stories in the name of journalism. While others do so, to get a dozen likes or attention. Because of these half-matured brains, we have to go to great lengths to fact check information because not everything you read on internet is true. Unfortunately for these folks, they were called out online. Quite embarrassingly so as well.

We have gathered some of the best posts for you from a thread dedicated to this on Reddit titled Quit Your Bullshit! They can either make you laugh out loud, or just make you angry AF. Take a look and be the judge, yourself.

1. Tv9 was inspired by Bollywood scripts for this baseless story.

Via darkshadow200200 on Reddit

We get it, Tiger shroff needs extra promotional headlines for his movies. But didn’t this get too far, guys?

2. Money isn’t everything, but common sense is

Via RockinJack18 on Reddit

Insert his daughter shaking her head in disappointment

3. Do not embarrass yourself with your inadequate knowledge about Pokemon.

Via Cow_In_Space on Reddit

Some of us take Pokemon way too seriously. So, don’t. Not cool

4. Catfishing is so EW

Via Jasmeme4 on Reddit

We are here for this clap back!

5. Can we get a refund for the time wasted on reading this review?

Via sobbidobbi72dar on Reddit

Glad that the owner took his time out to set the record straight!

6. The X-ray tech claps back

Via nighttim on Reddit

We are just embarrassed for this poor self-proclaimed doctor

7. Twitter – do your thing and take down this creep.

Via negligenceperse on Reddit

We are sure you must be amazed at the audacities of these people lying so blatantly but let’s just agree to one thing; seeing them being called out is satisfactory. By staying silent we enable such people to keep spewing out lies, confronting them with truth makes people question their credibility, rightfully so. To see people bombarding the internet with ridiculously false information keep scrolling. There is no scarcity of such shameless people on internet!

8. FDA should ban this Instagram account for poisoning people… with lies

Via NotReallyThatFun on Reddit

Calm down, conspiracy theorists.

9. Tom Morello’s rage against the lazy journalists.

Via InsidiousInfidel on Reddit

Do your homework because Tom is not here for these falsely interpreted stories.

10. Merriam Webster was not having any of it for the day.

Via undercvrmartyn on Reddit

All of us at this point, “NO”

11. If you are lying, at least put in a little effort

Via Tullooa on Reddit

We feel sorry for this person. (Not really!). We live for such calling out.

12. We really hope there was a vaccine for people fabricating stories like these

Via nicktech2003 on Reddit

This keyboard warrior was smacked with some serious facts

13. If you had to steal someone’s work, at least do that Right!

Via AtoXandalizard on Reddit
Advertisement by UDM

When did you lose your way, bro?

14. This guy went a little too FAR with all the lies

Via xantv on Reddit

It will take a minute for us to get over the creepiness of this guy.

15. Dropping truth bombs on the fake reviews is our favorite thing

Via untilprovenawesome on Reddit

Hope you recover from your habit of blaming others for your unacceptable behavior. And, decide to use a restroom next time.

That’s it for today. We are sure you must be overwhelmed with all the mind boggling lies and half fabricated stories. It is actually astounding to see people going lengths to gain some attention and validation. It makes us sad for them, not going to lie. We pray and hope for their intellectual maturation. It is not fun seeing them embarrass themselves like this on internet. Shout out to all those who called them out, for taking their time out in order to stop the spread of all this false information. If not for these clapbacks, people would believe whatever they read online. Did you have fun, or shall I say were you traumatized by all the lying? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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