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This Woman’s Mother-In-Law Made A Plan To Steal Her Baby At A Funeral

Granma steal grandson

Have you guys ever heard of a grandmother forging up a plan to steal her own grandchild from her son and his wife? I know, the thought that comes to the mind is “Is she crazy? What grandmother in the world would ever think of doing something like that? There is no way.”. I was of the same view until I came across this story that has a mother-in-law at the center of it who actually made a plan to steal her grandson.

Reddit user u/Effective_Border3613 shared she and her husband have no contact with her MIL because she is an alc*holic. They feel unsafe around her, especially when it comes to their little son whom they have seen her hold while fully dr*nk. MIL doesn’t like that the two don’t let her meet their grandson. So magically an opportunity came up for MIL to do something about this. OP and her husband’s grandmother passed away so they had to attend the funeral. However, the couple decided in advance that because MIL would also be at the funeral, OP and their son would not go there.

The decision worked out perfectly. To OP and her husband’s horror, the husband got to know from his brother that MIL had made a solid plan to steal their son at the funeral…and the worst part is that she had other people in on her plan too. So twisted…

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Source: u/Effective_Border3613

1. MILs man! Why are they like this?


2. OP and her husband have no contact with her MIL because she is an alc*holic and doesn’t stop around their baby either…she even goes ahead to grab the baby in that condition.


3. Because they cut all contact with her, MIL got extremely furious at them calling them terrible for not letting her meet her grandson.



4. When the time came to attend grandma’s funeral, it was decided that OP and her son wouldn’t go there because the couple didn’t want MIL to even see the little one.


5. While on his way to the funeral, OP’s husband got the news from his brother that MIL had created a plan to steal his son.


6. And she had other people in on this plan too who would be present at the funeral. Good thing OP and his wife had decided in advance to leave her and the son home.


7. These are the boundaries OP was talking about when the mentioned the term earlier.

I am so happy OP and her husband made the decision to have OP and their son stay at home. I expected something terrible to happen at the funeral but this was so beyond me. She had literally forged out a plan to steal that baby. Oh my god, you are that child’s grandmother. If you really have the urge to meet him so badly, quit dr*nking and they will happily allow you to take the kid up in your arms.

MIL needs to change her habits if she wants the relationship between herself and her grandson to survive. This way, there is no chance!

Source: u/Effective_Border3613

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

8. This was the most twisted part.


Via CzechYourDanish

9. Expected behavior but still man…who thinks like that for their own grandchild…

Via ahaadonut

10. Find those people out who were in on this plan and make sure to cut all ties with them.


Via Whole-Ad-2347

11. Surely if there were other people in on this, this plan was created in advance. Maybe they even did some rehearsals.

Via EffectiveHistorical3

12. A grandmother saying that about her grandchild…so crazy.


Via PokeHobnobGod21

13. Keep your guard up all the time, OP. MIL cannot be trusted.

Via snowflake1004

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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