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Roommate’s Friend Wanted To Police This Person’s Behavior, Gets Shut Down

Smoking outside

If I am in a public place and start smoking a cigarette. Would be entitled to come up to me and ask me to stop doing it because it makes you feel uncomfortable? The answer is “no”. Why would you care what I do outside the premises of where you live? It is a public place, I can do whatever I want as long as I am abiding by the legal boundaries.


This was not so easy to understand for a person in the story we have got for you guys today. Reddit user u/Ok_Monk7250 shared his roommate had his friends over. He decided to go outside the house for a smoke and that is when a friend of his roommate asked OP to not smoke because it would make him feel uncomfortable. OP laughed and told him he was going outside so he didn’t have to worry about it but the friend remained firm on his stance by saying it would still make him feel uncomfortable.

OP later confronted his roommate, after the friends had left, about the situation. He told his roommate no one can police his behavior in the house that he lives in.

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Source: u/Ok_Monk7250

1. OP put forward the following query before the AITA community.

2. One time OP’s roommate had his friends over so he politely asked his roommate to keep it quiet so he could sleep in peace on his day off from work.


3. But the opposite happened. They made noise which made OP get up early so he decided to go outside the house for a smoke.


4. As he was grabbing his lighter, one of the roommate’s friends said OP smoking a cigarette would make him feel uncomfortable.


5. OP told him he was going outside for the smoke, firstly. Secondly, he lived at the house so the friend would have to deal with it. OP’s roommate got involved telling him he could wait a little.


6. OP quietly went back to his room. When the friends left, OP confronted his roommate telling him his friends were not allowed to police his behavior. He can do whatever he wants.


A baseless argument started between OP and his roommate because a person felt uncomfortable that OP smoked. So terrible. I mean, this made no sense at all. OP was going to go out of the premises of the house to smoke a cigarette. How would that make a person sitting inside the house feel uncomfortable? That friend just wanted to start an argument…it didn’t start between OP and him but he did manage to spark a fire between OP and his roommate. Maybe that was the mission.

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Source: u/Ok_Monk7250

7. OP shared he lived in the house and he shouldn’t have to change his behavior for others who didn’t even live there.


8. The roommate said that he also lived there and OP should adapt to the environment for some hours when his friends are over.


9. OP told his roommate nothing would change. He would go outside the house to smoke no matter whether his friends were in the house or not.


Source: u/Ok_Monk7250

Here’s what the AITA community had to say about this:

10. Exactly. He was going to go outside and the friend was inside.


Via bigcup321

11. OP’s roommate is very wrong to think that.

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12. True, OP showed composure. As the possessor of the house, he could have kicked the roommate’s friends out.


Via sbdallas

13. I am sure he would have some logic of his that won’t make any sense.

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14. It is hilarious to imagine that friend telling a stranger in public to not eat a burger because it makes him feel uncomfortable.


Via AgentAlpo

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